280 British imp. dies, brass, barrel small shank Savage

SOLD. Not exactly your everyday run of the mill 7mm but it’s all here if you have a Savage std. thread (non magnum) receiver. The dies are Hornady custom made, full length sizer, extended shell holder, form/ trim die and seater. Barrel is a stainless Douglas air gauged XX 1-9” twist 28”. Muzzle end of barrel is turned for a barrel band type front sight, .750”. This set up shot really well with the Sierra 130 MK bullet with 28 grains of Varget, but because the 130 does not have a great BC it was pretty wind sensitive especially at 600 yards.
Case length is 1.700” and were formed from 300 Savage cases and virtually any .473” case with enough length. I did form a lot of brass from 6 mm Remington I had. I also have the reamer drawing showing all the dimensions. The original 280 British had something like a 20* shoulder angle and this is 30*. The barrel has had less than 500 rounds of jacketed bullets thru it.
The throat as it stands now is a little too short for lead bullets which I tried for a while. It really leaves too much of the bullet in the case so it would benefit from a throat reaming to keep the bullet from going past the neck when seated.
If you like to tinker with something different this is for you. The 280 case is pictured with the scale and a 30-06 case for comparison.
I hate to think of the money I have in this set up but that ship has sailed, $100 shipped to a US address.


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