308 Win. cast bullet / 8 Point Buck


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My friend Bryan has an older model Tikka 595 ( pre T-3 ) stainless bolt action rifle in .308 Win.
Recently he fired 5 rounds at 100 yards into 5/8" . He was shooting my bullet that I designed, the Accurate, 212 gr. gas check ( single lube groove ) sized to .311" with 17.5 grs. of 2400. The bullet has a 2 diameter nose.

He killed a very nice 8 point with the gas checked bullet and 17.5 grs. of 2400.



This isn't too shabby for 5 rounds @ 100yrds.



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There are people on this forum that know 10X more about designing
a successful cast bullet than I do. I guess I got lucky on this one, as it has been a super accurate bullet along with a proven reputation for being a quick killer of white tailed deer.

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Eat right up to the hole! Give my congratulations to Bryan! He's come a long way under your tutelage.

I too love Tikka rifles and have a left-handed T3 .30-'06.

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Outstanding rig!

I love Tikka rifles and the 308 Win will get the job done!

That rifle looks to be a WINNER! Stainless Steel, Synthetic Stock and Good Scope.

Add to that formula a load that is perfectly dialed in to the rifle with an effective bullet. That’s as good as it gets!


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Great results! That’s a great looking bullet.
Tikka T3 replaced the Rem 700 (for me) as the go to rifle. I gave my 25-06 T3 to my daughter and rebarreled my first year T3 22-250 to 30-06 with an online T3X barrel.
Best 30-06 I’ve ever had.


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Ben, is this a cataloged mold with Accurate or does one have to special order a copy with the dimensions you posted? I've never bought a mold from them before.