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Anyone with a Wilson Chamber Seating Die bolt2.jpg either uses an Arbor Press or something similar. Since I do ALL of my reloading in my shop (not on a range bench top) AND since I don't have a Arbor Press, I decided to use my bench top drill press. I quickly found out that I needed a piece of kit that would interface between the press chuck and the top of the Wilson Die. So, I found an old John Deere Combine bolt that was somewhat past it's prime and made a flat headed adapter for seating my 6.5 Creedmoor, 5.56, ect bullets. Kind of a shame to us a old square head 5/8" bolt, but it's what I came across first. I couldn't indicate this bolt within 20 thousands (slightly bent) so I first turned the shaft and then faced the top of the bolt to make it 90 degrees to the shaft. Tried it out and it works great.
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SE Kansas
And your point would be? Wait a minute, maybe there isn't a point. I have 5 of these dies and depending on the caliber some are fairly easy to push together, but I have found that OAL suffers from that technique.


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no point,,, just sayin that's how he done it.
if he was suffering from oal discrepancies his target wasn't showing it... I dunno.
I have used the Wilson chamber seating dies for 50 years and they work fine. I have always just used a rawhide mallet on the top to seat the bullets. Accuracy has always been great doing it this way. I do have an arbor press, that I used with various Lyman and Wilson full length and neck sizing dies.