I finally did it!


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It is beautiful. The simplicity is what makes it beautiful. No weird grips. No flashy colors. No add on “features”. Just a good, solid example of what JMB designed.

Charles Graff

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I found a pic of the final itteration of my Frankenstein Colt. It shows the King sights and the guyacan grips. I brought this wood back with me from Ecuador in 1981. It is an interesting wood. It is very rich in oil and will sink like a brick in water. The grips in the pic have no finish, just the natural wood. Most finishes will never dry on this wood, except shellac. I do have another pair finished up with shellac on my Ruger LW Commander. 39099102_10217537323410878_6502301497953353728_o.jpg

Kevin Stenberg

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Charles You mite already know this. But Most wood that comes from South America is very oily. Thats why colors are brighter and weight is more than our local lumber. Special prep work has to be done before any finish is applied.

Charles Graff

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I am not really a wood guy. When I lived in Ecuador (Quito), I had a house full of locally made guyacan furniture. I went to their shop and they gave me some good size chunks of word scrap, from which these grips were made. The guy who made the grips could not get any finish to work. I took them and did some research and it's seems that shellac was the solution. It worked well on the one pair I finished. I sanded off the oil puckered finish and applied about seven coats of No. 2 cut shellac. They look very nice.