Petrol & Powder

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In the lightweight revolver arena, I have the most time in grade with the S&W 442. That is basically the same gun as Al's 642 with a different finish. Mine happens to be electroless nickel that S&W offered from 1993 to 1995. They called it satin nickel. The newer ones have a dark finish.

I still have a couple of Model 12 Smith K-frames, including the paperweight from the first post and few that are working models.

I’ve also played with Colt Cobra’s and a Colt Agent. The Agent I had was beautiful, probably a 98% finish. I couldn’t bring myself to bob the hammer and I couldn’t stand to carry it with the hammer spur intact. It also needed custom grips which would have been costly. When the opportunity to sell it for a profit came along, it had to go. I’ve never been a Colt guy. Nothing wrong with them, they just never “clicked” with me.

I’ve shot the Ruger LCR and liked it, but I don’t have much trigger time with that model.

Semi-auto pistols are a whole different game but in today’s world of polymer framed, little locked breach pistols; there’s a lot to chose from. For the size, weight and reliability; I don’t think you can beat the Glock 43 in that arena.