looking for a P14 barrel

Bruce Drake

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they done got real scarce around here quite some time back.
i know one personally that was in the guild and some of his work was featured on the cover of stuff like Rifle magazine.
he gave it up to go drive a truck in north Dakota for a while, when he come back he went out to the mine.
hate to see talent like that go to waste, but,, money is money.
Bills still need to be paid and assembling AR15s from parts kits don't pay them.

Bruce Drake

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Just found 5 DP P14 barrels on Ebay. I should have them by the end of next week since I did a "buy them now" option. two will become barrel stubs for threading other barrels onto my two P14 receivers and the other three will be used for practice threading and one will go onto a display rifle for my planned diorama.


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When I was building flintlock Rifles & Fowler even the most expensive one put me at $3.00 per hour ( and that was only for the times I logged my time which wasn't often) ....When I was building Track of the Wolf Jaeger kits for a Jaeger reenacting unit of The BAR......
Everyone I did was customized to fit that persons German roots! Research alone probably counted for 50 hours of researching their family history to produce a facsimile of what their ancestors would have brought with them to the American War! That was never counted into the price!

Bruce Drake

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the DP barrels have come in the mail. after the cosmolene was removed, 4 of the 5 have pristine bores and I'm going to send off two to have their chambers re-sleeved by a gunsmith in Florida who did a bunch of them in the past. I will then send two others to my friend in North Carolina to thread the barrel stubs for the Savage headspacing barrel sleeve process with a couple of other caliber (7mm and 303 caliber) barrels to be threaded for that process as well..
This project may be completed in 2022 or 2023. More to follow of course.


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I am glad that you foud them!
Sound's like you got a good deal-----ought to keep ya busy for a bit!


Bruce Drake

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receiver, bolt and a DP barrel are now at the gunsmith in Florida for the chamber re-sleeve. The Savage 840 threading project will start sometime later with the other barrels once I find 3 other quality donor barrels for the project.

Bruce Drake

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Rifle rebarreled and reassembled. Winchester made the rifle action in 1916
1930's era Parker Hale PH5B target sight repaired and installed after parts arrived from the UK this week.
10 shots for record at 100 yards after a zeroing string.
Cast bullet load data:
Lyman 314299 200gr sized at .314"
12gr Red Dot
Winchester brass
Winchester LR primers
scored at 97-3X on a SR-1 target center which reduces a NRA Highpower 200 yard target center for use at 100 yard matches.

Time for a reblue and a proper bedding job now that it is confirmed as a shooter.p14 with target sights resized.jpg97-3x resized.jpgparker hale ph5b resized.jpg
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Good for you Bruce! I have to admit, the Enfields always felt rather comfortable to me. Ugly as a zit on a teenagers forehead on prom night, but they felt good to me and they shot well.

I'm with Fiver, she looks just dandy!