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NC Minnesota
These ^^ two pics above are of a pond I'm trapping for the Forestry. Those are all Ash trees the beaver cut down around one pond, and the hillside behind me was similar. I'd sure like to have that in my firewood pile.
Two of the guilty loggers from the above pond and got another one today.

These ^^ two pics are a couple I got on boards a couple days ago. Those are all bite marks on them from territorial fighting. The holes are obvious, but the black marks are also bites that didn't go through the hide, but often show on the fur side. I have fifteen more to flesh and nail on boards tomorrow and am not bringing any more out of the woods this year.
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man they sure bruise easily.
you wouldn't think they'd have that many blood vessels running up that close to the skin being water creatures.


NC Minnesota
A good observation Lamar. There is more blood in the hair roots when either shedding or growing new hair, and they are shedding heavily now, and some of those marks on the hides are also scratch marks.
This ^^ is looking over pond one of the three pond series described above, that I recently drained, and also where I kept my canoe. I can see part of pond #2 from here also, which looks the same. Looks like it drained well and should start regeneration soon enough.
This is the pond along the snowmobile trail I drained last fall, and am currently draining after again removing two beaver this spring. Twice I’ve drained this pond this spring to then have two year old traveling beaver try to patch this dam and set up house. Pictured above is in the center of the 500’ plus dam looking East.
Same pond looking south by south east. Drained this last fall because the pine plantation in the far background was scheduled to be select cut this last winter, but didn’t get done.DD504D13-1850-4C26-A396-8E1B17A87EA6.jpeg
This ^^ is where I called pond 12 ( I think) last winter. Which is connected to a lower pond that was using the road as a base for the beaver dam. I’ve removed 11 beaver from the two ponds and dug out this low wide dam to drain the upper lake yesterday. There was also two small check dams below this one I also removed yesterday. Did I mention the Knats were out now? See that log on the right in pic and tip of roots on the left, they are still connected. I just dug under the trunk about 24”. My chainsaw was about 1/4 mile away and I wasn’t feeling like going out to the wheeler to get it. Call me lazy!

D033EA0A-6AD7-4F8C-8744-72F3B035693C.jpegA better picture after I got it dug out below the log. Pulled all the traps out of the contract area yesterday for awhile. Next I’ll be working the ditch system that outlines the contract area on the north via canoe. Ended up with 8 beaver caught yesterday with only one caught in the contract area. Getting them thinned in the interior!