PC shaking method


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I got some new powder from Max, really appreciate that.
Coated a few bullets today, they are baking now. I tried a couple different techniques for shaking.
Holy cow! What a difference that can make.
I have been doing more of a swirl with an occasional horizontal shake to keep the powder well distributed. I tried some with a vigorous horizontal shaking and the difference was amazing. Far better coating.
I will have to wait until they are all baked to really know but I can assure you that my technique will be changed going forward.


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Just took them out of the oven. I want to let them cool a bit then can get photos
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Photos don’t show how much difference there is in the coating.
The lighter ones still show a good coating. Need to get some loaded and see how they shoot.


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I don't know, lime green or bright yellow or blue bullets are just a bit silly and ridiculous.
I have never sought to make ammo look silly. :rolleyes: I like the clear look, Brad. Black or dark
grey would be OK, too.

The Skittles colors are for candy. :)


Kevin Stenberg

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I like Bill could care less about color. But i do use several different colors to distinguish different BHN's. WW are blue, 50/50 are red. And so on.

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I have several colors, and use them all. Well, except purple, pink, and JD yellow. The only reason is because they don't stick to bullets very well. JD yellow is so-so, but pink & purple don't stick worth a hoot. Most of these colors were gifts, and I'll find a use for them some day.


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One coat has worked for me to well over 50K psi and nearly 3000 fps, why two? Nothing wrong with two, just seems like wasted effort unless you're building up diameter on purpose. Also, someone has mentioned short-curing the first coat by just getting it to the flow point, then cooling and coating again and finally curing the whole mess for the full time/temperature to get a homogenous coat.


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Nice looking bullets, Brad and interesting observation! I will certainly try the up-and- down technique.

The advantage of brighter colors is, you easily spot defects in the coating. The disadvantage is- you easily spot defects in the coating :)


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single here too.
but I'm also coating bullets already big enough to work without the coating.

I'm also a grey/clear/dark color guy.
I don't really look at my bullets all that hard but it would probably make me have an ill feeling to open a bucket of skittle looking bullets.
it for sure would drive me insane to load different colors in a magazine or cylinder.
i''d just know somewhere down in a sub atomic level there is some minor difference that would make them 'group' back to their individual colors.