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I have a M92 that I've loaded a thousand or two of the Keith style 358477 cast in 150(~) gr. that don't group all that well with this rifle. So I have a couple of questions: should I be casting a lighter bullet, say in the 125 ~ 140gr category; and two, do all Rossi/Braztec/Taurus M92's have a 1 to 30 twist?
I've been looking a various molds and like the looks of the 358480; 358269; 358339. Anyone use one of these? I guess that's three questions.


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My 92 is a sporting rifle with a straight stock, 24 1/4" barrel, and a crescent butt plate. It was imported by EMF and their model designation is "Hartford".

I have done back-to-back tests with Lee's 158-grain RNFN and SWC, and the RNFN very noticeably outshot the SWC. Also, the RNFN feeds much easier.

I conducted the same test with my .38 Special Uberti 1866, and the results were no different.

I've never checked the twist, nor remember reading what it is.
Both rifles have only seen the above moulds.

Hope this helps.


SE Kansas
Thanks Michael; I really like the look of the Lee 158 RNFP, and if I can find it in stock somewhere I'll get the DC version. Aught to work well in my SP101 as well.
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