so waht ya doin today?


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I can understand them missing a rain shower or something, especially on a warm day and a few clouds blow over the melting snow on the mountains picking up extra moisture.

but to miss the wind direction and speed by 10 mph, temperatures by 10+ degrees consistently.
it's not like we don't have a dozen cell phone accessible weather stations within 20 miles of here.


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Fiver, - you are probably a good bit colder than we were, but modern thin oil is your
friend, if the motor will live with it.

We had the 4Runner parked at the road, about a 125 yd snowshoe trek from the house
for 13 days, including -7F one night and right at -3F to 0F a number of nights. It just
cranks up on the key every time. The 4WD is excellent, on snow have never needed
the chains yet, regular Michelin LTX tires do just fine. Open diffs front and rear, but
the antiskid braking is tasked with keeping any wheel from spinning, so works like
a perfect differential. I had wheels in the air out in Arches Park a few years back
when crawling over holes and rocks and it still went with a wheel or two in the air.
I did have the center diff locked at that point, and was in low range. I like my old
If the 4Runner were to not start, the only option in winter would be pull the battery
and take it to the house in the toboggan, then put it on line with the house battery
system (BIG 12v batteries) until it was charged, tow it back in the toboggan on snowshoes
and put it back it. Glad I have never needed to do it. I do keep ether at the cabin,
but have needed it with this vehicles. The old 85 S10 Blazer did need it sometimes, the
can stayed in the vehicle in the winter.



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Locally, NOAA and the Navy have stations manned with weather guessers located less than two miles from my house, but weatherunderground, wherever they are located, is more accurate and reliable.


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I used to fly my own planes across the country with some regularity. Weather guessers is what
we called them. The real experts who you used to be able to talk to in the Flight Service Stations
(which are about all gone, automated) would show you maps of predicted weather out
to 36 hours, maximum prediction. They always wanted pireps, too (pilot reports) when you
were actually flying through the stuff. THAT is accurate weather, the rest is a bit iffy. They would
never predict beyond 36 hours, said it was just a waste of effort.

Predictions more than a few hours ahead are not worth a lot in many parts of the country.

Here in KC, reasonably accurate for most things, but snow predictions are never any good,
seems like it can go north or south of us right here really easily. I have a friend who lives
about 20 miles south, he frequently has a lot more snow than we do, often 6" when we get
a dusting. South.....

Ground weather guessers are way worse than the old FSS aviation weather guys.

Agree, when I have the internet, Weather Undergound is who I use.
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Can remember a week, back in Detroit, that we had actual temps in the negative midteens. Don't remember any issues with my vehicles. No unusual prep..............same 5W-30 oil recommended and ran all year. Fifty-fifty antifreeze mix, year round. Neither the wife or I missed work. Do remember having to actually pick the dog up and bring him inside. Max was a Shepherd/Husky mix and stayed outdoors or in the unheated detached garage.


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the biggest problem with the bronco besides it being 30 years old, is it just sat with a broken engine for like 7 years.
I doubt the 4x4 has been engaged in 10 years or so and it having automatic hubs doesn't help any.

the Mustang just sits too much, and i forget to start it until the battery runs down.
it's on it's third battery in 12 years because of that, I need to get one of those little solar charger things and hook it up.


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HF has those for like $15 on sale, so does A-zon. They will keep up with the 'puter draws on about 6 hours of direct sunlight.


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FINALLY been in the gun room, and doing more than just rearranging/organizing! Over the last week or so, managed to load a bunch or 38 SPC and some 45 ACP. And prepping a bunch or 32-20 brass!! Woo Hooh! And, much more user friendly due to all the organizing exercises! NOW - I have GOT to cast! If the danged rain would just stop so I don't dance with the tinsel fairy!
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Toyotas were always good starters for me. The only time I had a problem was at -50 some 25 or more years back. That's the only time it didn't start. My current F350 is bad as far as starting, probably from not getting used much.

Just got new battery charger from HF that is supposed to have a battery repair mode. I imagine it's the same high frequency idea some others use. We'll see if it helps. I have some batteries here that were cheapies to start with that are 10-11 years old. They don't have much capacity, maybe this will help.

There used to be a little AM radio station in Brockville, Ontario that had the most dead on weather for our area I've ever seen. 2nd best is Wetherunderground. NOAA is hit or miss and the TV/radio weather is just a wild guess I think.


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My 1972 Chevelle sits most of the time............odometer has just under 50K. Use to average 6-7 years out of a maintenance free battery. When I replaced the a battery in 2006, I installed one of those battery disconnect knife type switches. I just replaced that battery, this Fall, and not because it failed. Figured it was just a matter of time before it would and Cindy's been driving it on their women's 3D excursions. The three D's stand for Driving, Dinner, Dessert...........last excursion she put 250 miles on the Chevelle. The other women are driving, two seat convertibles, ranging from Mazda Miata's to Corvettes. However, they all want to take turns riding in the Chevelle.


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In my Tower stand at the deer lease.
Not all of us can step out of our back doors and hunt and yes, I'm jealous.


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Watching two nubbin bucks spare with each other. I think they are twins that their mom just ran off. They are acting like they are bad a$#&@.


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Did a bit of chrono work....near top load of W296 in .357 Mag under a 125 Gold Dot produces about 1385 fps
in a 4" Model 65. I think I can do better with 2400. This is a SD load, looking to replicate the fabled
125 .357 Mag loads that the police reported to be exceptionally effective, back in the day when cops carried
.357 revolvers. 60F this PM, sunny and nice. A real gift this time of year in eastern KS.

Some factory S&W 125s that I chronoed from a 6" Sec Six did a touch over 1500 fps, back in the 80s.

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