so waht ya doin today?


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Dang, Bill--you have warmer temps in KS than we are having in southern CA.

WW-296/H-110 can do great work in the MagRevs with jacketed bullets, but the stuff needs strong bullet pull--magnum primers--and heavier-for-caliber bullets (140 grains+) to really do its best work. I got tired of 296's mood swings, and went to 2400 15+ years ago for the upper-end loads in the boomers. I do have to say--296 will light up adjacent canyon walls and hillsides at dusk with muzzle flash like few other powders.


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Yeah, it was afternoon and the sun was low, and the flash was pretty noticeable.
Probably the bullet is too light for best burning with W296/H110.

I have always been happy with 2400 in .44 Mag, seems like Elmer's old load just will outshoot
almost anything that I try in various .44s. Occasionally I beat it, but not too often - meaning
accuracy more than speed. I did some cast chronoing yesterday, 125 Lee RFs did about 1390
with 17.5 gr of 2400, and 150 RCBS 38-150-KT SWC did 1234 avg.

Hodgdon shows TG making just under 1500 with 125 XTP, might try that, too.

I had a lot of trouble getting the chrono to read right today in the low light, and wound up
shooting about 20 shots to get a decent number to read. All of them at 25 yds went
into about 4" a bit left of POA, and was not really looking at making a group, just need something
in general to aim at to keep from hitting the screens.

It was unusual weather here, for sure. Supposed to stay for a couple days. We WILL hit the
average, no doubt, which means we are in for some serious cold soon. We had 8" of snow
over Thanksgiving, darned cold, unusual in the other way.

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Todays weather;

Mid 50's and...... wait for it........ drizzle.

So,gonna have to go stainless and tupperware again. Just getting a little pi$$y,want to be shooting my beautiful '06 CDL (avatar). I changed scope mounts on the stainless EDC 7-08..... don't want to get into the $$ details. Am happy,it cost X amt,problem solved. It's always been a two scope rig,and still is. But it needs to be zero'd with both scopes and don't feel like it so....

Will be dragging the stainless Savage #16 223 again today. Going over to a bud's farm. This rifle is embarrassingly accurate with CB's round 2k fps. If it had a 24" instead of the 22" barrel I would be happier. But it would be pretty dumb to replace this barrel. It's gonna be sloppy where we're headed.


North Central Arkansas
In my Tower stand at the deer lease.
Not all of us can step out of our back doors and hunt and yes, I'm jealous.

This one made it through all of gun season and been coming regularly, in the middle of the night, with two smaller bucks. Still almost two months of archery season left.

1-2-19 (4).JPG


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Did a bit of chrono work....near top load of W296 in .357 Mag under a 125 Gold Dot produces about 1385 fps
in a 4" Model 65. I think I can do better with 2400. This is a SD load, looking to replicate the fabled
125 .357 Mag loads that the police reported to be exceptionally effective, back in the day when cops carried
.357 revolvers. 60F this PM, sunny and nice. A real gift this time of year in eastern KS.

Some factory S&W 125s that I chronoed from a 6" Sec Six did a touch over 1500 fps, back in the 80s.


We used 158 JSP in ours. Never failed on 2 or 4 legged beasts. I tried a lot of the 125 gr stuff, never really got my prop spinning.


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Can;t seem to find the energy to do much of anything lately. Just trying to get through winter.


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Had a beautiful sunrise this morning!
Makes it worth it to get up early.
Not supposed to have rain for a few days. We'll see how that works out.


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29 degrees and pretty calm.
Funny how the sun hits the frost on the stand and it seems to go instantly to vapor. Looks like it's boiling off.
Pretty cool, but my wife says I'm easily amused.


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Sunny here, 36 degrees, with light winds. Got 2" of rain, yesterday. Standing water on my ATV trail, as I look though the kitchen window. Headed for a high in the low to mid 60's for the next few chance of rain is Friday. Probably do some load testing, this afternoon.


Springfield, Oregon
Getting ready to go shooting. Going to shoot for groups and compare .308 loads.
30 XCB, new Starline brass, CCI LRP, 47.5gr H414, 90/6/4 alloy.
The only difference in the loads will be the bullets. All of the bullets were water dropped from the mold. Some have just been sized to .311" gas checked and lubed with 2500+
The other water dropped bullets were powder coated then gas checked and sized & lubed with 2500+
Looking to see what difference in speed and group size if any.


Looking at Will's new rig..... with the sound of sizzling bacon synapses going off in my grey matter....

How to say it? we need a better than what's currently available,level or cant system or whatever they're called. Small bubble levels are too slow,and aren't intuitive enough for me(in the sense that it ain't where I should be looking). A small green light that is lit when rig is within spec'd range of "level". I'm thinking shift lights on a sportbike here.

Like predator hunting, the cockpit of a sportbike at warp 9,there isn't a whole lot of time or spare brain effort available for anything other than keeping this beast pointed in the right direction. So,we get a programmable shift lite.

So green is good,orange.... close,red is not. Packaged in a tiny cylinder?


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I was afraid I was going to see a photo of Rick standing there with an empty coffee cup.