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Went to the old Ben Franklin, now Korbin's 5 and 10.
There were 2 knifes left in their display, sales kit. Cole Consumer Products(Sabre knives)went out buisness years ago. And never restocked it.
Thought the "New-Vintage"Sabre 02-0604 dress pocket knife went well with my Rugar.IMG_20230502_160753377~2.jpg
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i've used (pocket) knives since i was 8 or 9 yo when my dad (RIP) gave one to me. about a year later i lost it. i got another one, lost it, got another....when i was 12, my dad gave me a Buck knife 110 and i still have it for hunting. i still have a min Buck knife that i bought when i was 13yo. at 15 i was using junk folding knives for years. i bought them at yard sales, flea markets, box of junk at auctions......i was using them for hammers, screwdrivers, name it, i've probably done it!!!!when the junk knife broke, i threw it away and got another one. water and sewer mains, construction vehicles, my own vehicles, carpentry, masonry, combat engineer.....just a few of the jobs that needed knives.

then 12 or 13 years, i got a bug up my rump for a custom knife that i could use for just hunting. this was a WV knifemaker named Marvin Wotring and it is banding steel with an whitetail antler handle.

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