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all the super-mags love it.
it's also numero-uno in the 25-20.
it'll run a 300 BO at sub speeds and function your AR too.
i've used it in my 0-6 with cast bullets using 4227 data as a starter.
it'll run your 375 win. cast loads clear up to too fast if you chose that route too.


Years ago I cabbaged on to an 8 lb jug of H116 for cheap. It was peddled as a white label surplus. Didn't use it for quite some time, but it turned out to be nearly identical or possible the same as 680 / 1680. Shoulda gotten more of it at the time had I realized what it was.
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you can slow it down of course by using less, but i'd make sure you have a decent crimp.
the powder is super fine and can get moved around by the primer pretty easily.