1st .30 Cal Casting Session


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Some guns you can switch between cast and copper and there's no real issue. Those usually aren't your best shooters to start with. Others want nothing but cast and then if you put copper down the tube it takes a while to get them to settle in. Most of my guns that I shoot cast in at all I shoot exclusively with cast. There are a few that swing either way and some that only get copper. The swingers tend to be the guns that only do 2 - 2 1/2" on a good day in the first place.


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Great information you guys, THANK YOU!! I am Stil waiting on a Few Supplies to Show up Before i can Do anything, And of Course North Idaho is Suppose to Get ROUGH on us Weather Wise Starting Tomorrow, I will be Busy Plowing Snow, By the Sounds of it? It Could be Quite a Lot of it? This will definitely put a Damper on my Shooting, Anything of Significant Distance anyway. Give me time for Shorter Range (100 Yard) Load development Work, Chronograph Numbers etc.


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another thing that happens is the antimony dendrites will grab and scratch at the copper moving it and changing how much is there a little at a time.
changing the bore condition every range trip or so isn't really helpful either.


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What did you do to the barrel after the 800-1000 rounds then? What was your que to clean it?