257 Roberts & 2400

Herb in pa

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Finally got the 257 Roberts back to the range today. I'm using 6mm Rem brass from Hornady reformed to 257 with a .002" shoulder bump, the NOE 260-122-FN-AN2 @118 grains sized to .258". I shot 2 10 shot groups in twitchy winds...…...First group was 1.492" with 9 in 1.142", Second group was 1.272" with 9 in .798" Load was 15.5 grains of 2400 using WLP primer. Range was 100 yards. 8874


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Very nice! It really, really wants to shoot MOA or better. Even 5 mph can blow a group at 100, you must be pretty good at reading conditions.

Jeff H

NW Ohio
Herb, what rifle are you using? I'm a long-time 257 Roberts fan myself and keep thinking I'll eventually shoot cast from it - if I could get all my other projects out of the way.

Nice shooting. I'm tucking this knowledge away for future possible use in my own 257.