38-50 Remington Hepburn

just starting to load for a custom rolling block l.its a 1-16 Douglas 32" barrel.bore is tight so .376 works fine.so far making brass and shooting an old SAECO 300g pope style with 18g of 4227.so far just under 2" at 100 but appears it wants to shoot better.ive only had it out twice. 8880" 8879
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I also ran some of the 37583 gallery bullet Gary bullet with 6 grains of Trail Boss at 50 yards just getting a feel for the rifle. It was shooting about an inch.

I forgot to mention the gun has a single set trigger. It was built by Verl Sigman


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Wow, I have never managed a rolling or falling block or a trapdoor in my collection. Money has always been tight when I found the one I wanted. That is beautiful! Hope she shoots for you!!! :)
I have a pretty nice trap door as well with a very good bore but with that gun all I've been doing it's been shooting the little Lyman collar button Bullet at 25 and 50 yards with 6 grains of unique. At 25 yards it will nearly cut the same hole, 50 yards about 2" and if I stretch it to a hundred occasionally I'll get a 4-inch group but it's really asking a lot of 180 ish grain bluntnose bullet going 900 feet per second.


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I had a Pedersoli John Bodine model some years back. It shot very accurately with my cast heavies and black powder. Never fired it with anything else.

Always wanted a Lone Star or another custom, but got involved with a Hepburn built by Dave Crossno.

Nice rifle you have there.

Even though there is lots of extra steps involved, I always enjoyed the process of making accurate black powder cartridge ammo.