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I would try a .433 bullet and see if your seater and crimp die will handle it. If so then see if it easily chambers.
My Marlin is happy with a .432 or .433 bullet. Well, as happy as a Marlin 44 mag can be.


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Nothing wrong with using steel wool in a bore! Those that say it is not good or ruins the rifling......... just prove it to me!
When I build an 18th century rifle I will scrub a fresh cut bore with 3 "OTT" steel wool as tight as I can get it for a minimum of 3 minutes!
And that is usually in 12L14 soft leaded steel! That is Soft Steel
You are not going to even begin to wear a modern barrel with steel wool!


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not only that but that slight amount of scratching is actually desirable.
a too smooth barrel doesn't usually do well.

James Nicholson

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My 255gr .433 bullets from Montana Bullet Works came today. Loaded 6 rounds over 8.7 gr Unique. The load was pretty mild, but I put 4 into a cluster at 25 yards, front rest and rear bag of course. The other 2, I shot at bowling pins, 44 mag 255 gr hits the pins much harder than 45 acp. I don't know how to post pictures yet, but I have them Thanks to all of you who aided me in this project, now to shoot the rest of the MBW's up and shop for a mold.


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I don't know how to post pictures yet, but I have them.
Posting pictures is a breeze. Just below the dialog box where you type click on the link that says "Attach files". A window pops up, select your photos file, double click on the picture you wish to post. Done.


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or do what I do.
go 'hey take a picture of that and put it in this post', works almost every time.


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your load is right where my poke little holes in exactly that spot right there with the lever gun load is.