Alloy calculator

Kevin Stenberg

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Bumpo on the CB site had an alloy calculator that you could adjust to find out the approximate BHN of an alloy. I had it on my computer but lost it some how. I have gone to cast bullets but my Mack 10 isn't compatible. And will not open the file.
If someone can post a link to a site that i can download. I would be very thankful. Kevin


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Here is Mine that I use On Mac OS
You will need the "Free Apache Open Office" program to open Because it is a Bill Gate secret! Mircrosoft office!
Just down load
Free Apache Open Office" for you Mac OS and the file will open



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Take the calculations with a grain of salt. many of them don't add up.
Mixing equal parts tin and antimony creates an entirely new alloy with different hardnesses

if you know the hardness of the alloys, you can do the math.
if you have 5# of A and 3# of B, the math is 5xA + 3 X B = () / (5+3) = BHN per pound