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Happy to be here, especially since folks actually seem to shoot & experiment here. I have been outta cast in rifles do to Nat Gas activity. We now have 5 pipelines across the property with up to 700 yard shooting. Those that remember me know I limit myself to 200 yds with cast in the Whelen. So close stuff is now cast in handguns. But some posts are already stimulating fond memories & ideas (theories) from days gone by.

I would like to ask that when you reply to some crazy post of mine, that for the first post, you add your old handle if it’s different than now. Hopefully, I don’t owe anyone money here, but if you need to reach me ( for Gosh sakes, don’t send me any new lubes to try cause I’m STILL working off the last stuff). I’ll be right here or on email. Internet shooting & postin encroaches on castin, loadin, & shooting time, & it appears folks are ahead of me now anyway.

As I said, glad to be here. So quit wasting your time readin this & shoot something. John


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we were muddlin through trying to recall your [actual] name, I got it right, but spelled it wrong.
anyway I'm Runfiverun on most sites and just Fiver on a couple of others.
you sure you don't want some Lube,,,,, I have a few Lbs. of Homo lube.. LOL.
it's kind of a brown purple color.
anyway,, I'm sure you've noticed things are a lot more relaxed here, and wandering conversations during a thread are more the norm than the exception.


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Welcome aboard Bass. Your name has been mentioned more than once in discussions.

The expectations are high......


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Hello from the mnts of Virginia....

Just don't have a problem with thread drifting..... kinda reminds me of one of the D.I.L's. We have 4 grown sons,and always had a cpl "strays" when they were growing up. "Who's gonna eat that last piece of chicken" was never a question asked..... got something to say,speak up.

But this girl grew up in a family that everybody would be quiet while so n so is speaking....while we go after conversation like we eat fried chicken,grease dripping from our fingers and chins. She still wonders how in heck do ya'll ever hear each other,haha.

So thread drift... sure,and pass the chicken.


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Hello and welcome John. I remember reading some of your posts and threads from the CB site when I joined over there back in 2009.
Glad to have you here Sir!
My name is Walter.


Redlands, Kalifornistan
Indeed, LTNS B/A! I was/am 9.3X62AL on the old site, and if you are really long-in-the-tooth I was Deputy Al during the Pliestocene Ice Age or thereabouts. A fair portion of the concepts discussed here are over my head entirely, but I tune in anyway. If you don't "look", you won't "find".