Are you flippin’?


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Handling small gas checks with large fingers can be quite frustrating. I discovered a little trick the other day, that made it much easier. You know, one of the «why-on-earth-have-I-not-thought-of-this-before»- moments.
I have a Lyman primer flip-tray, with a lid. What I do, is

1) dump appropriate amount of gas checks in the tray. No use trying to flip them like primers, just
2) grab the ones who are oriented the convenient direction (cup up), then
3) put lid on, flip tray around, open tray and -voila-
4) remaining checks are now oriented cup-up in the lid



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You bet, been doing that for a while. I even bought an RCBS flipper tray just for the job since the Lees work better for primers than they do for gas checks.


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On most of my rifle loads,they get lubed "by hand" using a little pen knife that has lived on my loading bench for,golly.... probably 40 years? Only in the space above GC.

As such,there's always a little lube on my fingers. One more reason to love simple,BW/Vaseline..... it's pretty good for my wore out old hands. Anyway,just touching a GC,whichever way it sits,is clinging to touch.

But yeah Spin,that's a slick idea.

I haven't "sized" a whole rifle bullet in a cpl years? The GC gets seated along with a few other base tricks,and the noses get attention on a few rigs,but the bodies are pretty much as cast..... no lube,no sizing,no PC,no nuthin.


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Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day.........try using a shallow candy box for your checks. More room for big hands and a couple dabs of chalking on the bottom keeps it from slipping around on the bench. The wife doesn’t have to know the real reason you bought her a box of candy. Lol