Cast does in a "possum on the half shell"


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came home this afternoon and noticed an armadillo in the wheat field down by the creek. The tempereature was in the mid 40s after a fairly long cold spell, so I was surprised to see one. Headed into the house for a rifle, those things are sure destructive. The first rifle I happened on was the old 308 I've been working on cast loads with. Grabbed it and some loads with the NOE #315 clone loaded over Norma 202 at about 2043 fps. I knew these were hitting about 1" high at 100 yards in my testing. Back out in the driveway, I leaned on the truck and let one fly. Distance was about 130 yards, 15 mph crosswind and I over compensated for the wind. Hit him too far back, broadside. Jacked in another round and he had turned nearly head on. This one hit right in the center of the forehead, lights out. That broadside shot had left about a 4" hole on the off side. The second exited the flank. Now I know dillers aren't the toughest test medium out there, but was happy to see the big hole suggesting some expansion at that range. Alloy is 1.43%Sn, 2.93%Sb, PC'd and water dropped from the oven.
Those things sure dig alot of big holes, hard on equipment. I've gotten several the last couple years right around the house. A couple with a 38-250B out of the JES rebored Marlin 38-55, and some with a H&G #68 clone out of the 45 acp. They sure don't like cast bullets.