Data for Slower Than Normal 357 Max


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Most will say the 357 Maximum was made to hot rod. I mostly agree, especially when shooting jacketed bullets. I'd like to learn what powder and a general charge weight range would get the Accurate 36-270 LFP doing 1300-1500fps and the MP 220-FN doing about the same in a 357 Maximum rifle with a 22" barrel.

CW has been nice enough to cast some softer bullets for me and, while I get good accuracy and expansion, I'd like to slow them down a bit and HP the 36-270 for more consistent expansion.

Thanks, Dinny


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I don’t wanna throw out charges but I know a lot of guys used to load IMR 4198 in the 357 max with heavier bullets. Very accurate just not a lot of velocity. Reloader 7 would be another option in this realm.
I’m sure with some careful load work up and a chronograph you could use unique or 2400.
One of the guys here with Quickload will probably be able to help you.