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S&W To Divest Itself From Thompson Center​

An individual received an email today, from Marty at Haus of Arms. Enclosed was a letter from a VP of Sales at S&W. Letter stated that S&W was going to divest itself from TC and redirect the production equipment to it core business. All orders are immediately canceled.

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Maybe I shouldn't put off buying that new muzzleblaster I've been thinking about.
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I'm surprised it lasted this long. As states are opening up to modern inline and straight wall cases, it was bound to happen.
My thoughts exactly. For the past three years here in Michigan, the laws keep opening up more centerfire straight wall opportunities. Some even during muzzleloader season. Inline muzzleloading is probably dropping off rapidly. Those rifles are not for any kind of enthusist. They are a means to get around lead ball and black powder shooting.

I think only the nostalgic black powder users will be the ones shooting muzzleloaders in the foreseeable future in MI.


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it'd sure be nice to see some of this stuff get out from under the big companies again.

hmm, I didn't think about the T/C bolt rifles, wonder how that's gonna shake out?