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Was out in SD trapping last couple weeks. In the north end of the two townships I was trapping was the closest gas pump for around 21 miles. Small station that did general maintenance in a farm community type place. Kind of a sideline business to the fuel delivery and grain elevators behind it. I was frequently there because I was driving around 150 miles a day checking traps. Most of the time when I was fueling (early or late) they were closed, but the last day I was there I went inside and asked the manager if they had any COWW to sell. Guy behind the counter says sure, I got a bunch. He took me back in the shop and he wasn't telling any lies. He had a small barrel full, nice ones to, some up to 8 oz. each! Had to talk to the manager for a price. She called the recycler to get going rate and shop manager weighed them on a LP scale. Barrel weighed 300 lbs before we cleaned up the floor! LOL Took the manager about 15 minutes to decide on a price, $40.00 and I got to keep the barrel and the SD license plate keeping the weights from falling out the bottom of the holes in the barrel. Put the barrel in my truck with a skid steer, lashed it down and came home. Sorted it out today. There was 11.5 ponds of steel, 1.6 lbs of zinc, and a brush used to apply rim sealer.
And while I was away my lovely bride was out hitting the garage sales and found 90+ pounds for $10.00, but she wants the metal bucket. LOL
The wife met me at the Dakota Magic casino on the SD- ND border on my way back. Our 42nd anniversary is this Tuesday but we both have stuff to do, so we kinda made a date of it. On the way back Friday we hit an estate sale.
The candle sticks are solid and I got the whole works for $8.00. The kids were selling off the recently deceased parents estate and weren't doing very well due to the rain. Note the kerosene lantern on the right front corner of the scale, minus a globe. When we got to the sale there was nobody tending the sale in the garage. I had rounded up a couple pieces of pewter and nothing was price marked, so I went to the back door of the house and knocked. No answer. Went back in the garage and noticed the lantern and it looked like it was pewter. So I turned it upside down while holding the globe, but it slipped out of my hand and shattered all over the floor! OOps! Well as luck would have it, in the corner of the garage was a broom with a dust pan clipped to the handle. Couple minutes sweeping and the globe was cleaned up. And the lantern was pewter. I go back to the door and knock again and this time a young couple answer the door, all bundled up in coats and rain jackets. I told them what happened and they said no problem. Short conversation revealed the situation with the estate sale. Asked what I owed them and what I was doing with it. Wife goes over to another table and gets the little vase pictured and says $8.00. Deal. Think I'm about done hunting pewter and lead for awhile!!


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All good deals, but it kinda hurts me to melt down nice pewter items, won't do it myself
unless they are ruined.



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I like the looks of nice pewter also.
I'd probably re-globe the lamp and melt the rest down.

the wife done real well, she got enough tin there to cover the cash outlay without even breaking a sweat.


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The only things I've ever found at a garage sale is broken toys, broken Walmart furniture and worn out baby clothes. Quit going to them years ago.

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All good deals, but it kinda hurts me to melt down nice pewter items, won't do it myself
unless they are ruined.

I was looking at some overpriced pewter at a flea market on day and made a deal on it. As I was paying for it the sellers asked me if I was a pewter collector. I should have lied, but I told them the truth, and they gave me my money back and said "no sale". A similar thing happened a year or so later, and I ended up telling those people that I restore tin soldier sets, using original 19th century moulds, and pewter is the only correct metal to use. Those people thought it was fascinating and everything. From now on, if somebody asks if I'm a pewter collector, the answer will simply be "yup". Those people talked my leg off about making tin soldiers, and I like to have never gotten away from them. Fortunately, I know enough about non-ferrous casting to bore anybody.

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I was at a sale with my wife about 5 weeks ago. Classy looking lady had a full pewter tea set. She had collector price on it. Told her what my intentions were and she turned pale. Said the set had been in her family for three generations! She didn’t want me to melt it, but she had it for sale! Lol

I don’t get attached to many things. I appreciate the work that goes into some of the pieces. I’ve bought some pieces from all over including miniature statues from Israel. My wife “borrowed” a little cream and sugar set, a small covered tea pot, little plates and a couple cups, so she could have a tea party with my two youngest granddaughters. Haven’t seen them since!
I was kinda surprised at the amount of tin also. The lady my wife bought it from said her husband just cast for muzzle loaders.
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I’m keeping the lantern Fiver. Doesn’t look to have ever been lit. Wife’s got several globes that will fit it. One is kinda “potbellied” that looks kinda “guyish”. Seems like a fair trade for the pewter she swiped!