Ground hog day


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maybe I need to start a rock chuck day.
if the rock chuck pops his head out of the 4' of snow covering his burrow and looks around it ain't a rock chuck, and you still have winter until June.
if he doesn't pop his head out of the 4' of snow, you still have winter until June,, just later in the month, and you should take a coat to the 4th of July fireworks show.

never mind, just take your coat anyway.


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Gun has two scopes in Weaver old fashioned tipoff mounts. Both using the same Lee 285-130 . The 1-4X20 shoots around 2k fps with IMR4198. The minty B&L 3-9X40 load is @ 2500 fps with a heavy dose of Varget. 24" brrl.

The Ghog was shot offhand @50yds. Was the last one shot in '18. I didn't autopsy like you would on anything edible. In this case it was just getting it done.He was starting to hole up near some outbuildings which I have a zero tolerance for.

Normal varmint blasting is done with the Varget load. Both setups are good solid loads. The heavy Varget load if I had to guess would do nicely as a beercan ventilator out to probably 300? I only have 150 yds..... just don't have any real good long ranges here. At 100,it routinely shoots bragging groups.

I'm committed to not shooting off benches. And got all the BR "stuff". These rigs are walking varminters.... that live out in driving rain,snow,get dropped,in/out of vehicles,loaded and unloaded constantly. Both loads hold up well to wind and "live for" cold bore first shots in the X ring..... rain or shine.


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It has been a while since I have hunted rockchucks. The last one I shot got cartwheeled off the top of my backpack in 2000 with my Walther PP in 22 LR. One Mini-Mag HP to the Brain Housing Group completed his education.