I found out one thing about Texas

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I have never seen so many people that don't know how to drive. Good thing I have driven motorcycles my whole life and drive like someone is going to run me over. The worst was we were on a normal 2 lane county road. I was pulling into the funeral home. I had my blinker on and I was tapping my brakes to let people know I was slowing down. The two cars behind me decided they were going to pass. Well the first car started to go around me on the left. He did not see the semi and 5 cars in front of us. At the same time the other car behind us was trying to go around us on the gravel along the road. Well he finally figured out we were turn right as I turned in. He went into the ditch slammed into the raised portion of the access road to the funeral home and stopped right there. Now the first car locks up the brakes and misses us by inches. My old lady is screaming at me as it is her new car 2 months ago. Now that car hits the gravel and spins out just missing everyone as he spins across the oncoming traffic. and into the ditch on the other side.

Me? I drive the rest of the way into the funeral home waving at the guy in the second car as I drive past him.


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Yes we can drive! We will either pass you by 40mph above your speed or stay in the fast lane @ 10 mph. Just wait for a texas ice storm to see lots of fun on the road. Not quite as bad as Va where if it sprinkles, they slow to 10 mph. I do remember them closing down the freeeway north of LA for 1/4" of snow.

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Ever try Chicago? OMG!!!!! :eek: 10 lane per direction freeways, bumper to bumper traffic at 70+ mph and idiots changing lanes 8 at a time....signaling left to change lanes right......(they don't want you to anticipate their move so you could try to stop them)

Makes no difference what time of night or day......I hate driving through Chicago.


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Unfortunately I must agree that there are many idiots on the road here in Tejas. Good thing I learned to ride bikes in South Africa many years ago as the defensive driving skills saved me many times. Here on the southern border there are few drivers but many aimers and yes, they do own the road!


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I managed to miss most of the fun driving this week in T dad they all drive like CA metro . I'm pretty sure it's a cidiot thing .

Stopped to eat , hate G maps ......kind of glad I have it because in this country my internal compass only works at night by the basic zero nothing any idiot can find north method .


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I lived in Dallas for 10 years, before that, LA, and before that, Chicago, and before that, Pittsburgh. Got lots of practice avoiding poor drivers, especially people that don't know how to drive on ice or snow. I grew up in Miami and learned to drive there before the influx of immigrants. Most people in Ohio can drive reasonably.

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It would be hilarious to see how Texans would react to how someone from the northern states would drive through that little dusting. I think most of us would actually speed up, just to annoy the local indigenous population.

Ain't hardly enough snow there to whip a decent cookie in the intersection :rofl:


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Oh, we see it, Bob. I lived in DFW for about eight years and pulled a few over-confident "yankees" out of ditches on highway 287 NW of Fort Worth, and some other places. It's all fun and games doing 75 mph through a light snowstorm until they encounter that little strip of black ice that doesn't have enough snow on it yet to not be greasy. Saw a few others that I didn't meet just start spinning in the middle of the highway after they passed me, get it pointed ahead again and keep going like it was nothing. I'm a big weenie when it comes to driving on snow and ice, not enough experience to know where the line between reasonably safe and dangerous is.

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We passed 2 semi tractors rolled over south of Kansas City also last night. Both were in the middle of a turn in the road. The one the trailer exploded with what ever was in it. They had a end loader in the roadway scraping everything into the ditch to open the road.

I was quite amused at the drivers. When I got back home and everyone was actually doing the speed limit it got boring to drive around town.


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I learned about Texas flying into DFW one summer afternoon. Still several hundred feet up and from the airport to the horizon only thing visible was heat waves. :eek:


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Or coming out of Denver and you see the red bubble over the city. IIRC 73 iced over from Austin to red river. Stuck in Greenville 3 days before BIL could find chains and get to us. Rockwell hill was covered with semis and going over the bridge, gal in lane next to me did 360. Oh, I'm a Yankee


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I've driven all over the country. Worst drivers, by far, live in Massachusetts. I don't know how often those Tennessean drivers put brakes on their vehicles but they sure don't know how to drive in the mountain/hills.................constantly riding their brakes.