I think I will give up driving


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I leave mine in. Even rats learn after twice. Had the first one ever stolen at work last year, put a Warn locking pin on the replacement and only kept the key in case I need to swap for the 2-5/16".


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I put a three-way in the Tahoe and the wife used it for something and didn't take it out, after one winter I noticed and there was no way I was getting the lock device off.
I was really regretting sending the torch down to the BIL's place after that.


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I've seen too many of those locks corroded to where your not getting it off without a hot wrench. I just take the slider out and store it so it doesn't get stolen or I customize my own shins.


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One of the towns next to the last farm I grew up at had a law that after sundown a man had to walk in front of your horseless carriage waving a red lantern. Still on the books in the early 1960's.


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I don’t know how I would function in this reality if I didn’t own at least one 4 1/2” right angle grinder w/ a cutting wheel on it. I thought I owned 4, then last weekend I found two more that I had “forgotten” about. They chop up alloy steel like you are cutting cheese.


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you still can't fish while sitting on a Camel here.
I've been trying to dig up the story behind that one for almost 20 years now.

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In Michigan it is illegal for a motor vehicle with less than 12" of ground clearance to cross any RR track without having the written permission of the president of the RR in hand. It is also a misdemeanor to display the sticker/decal/logo/or symbol of any organization you don't belong to from your motor vehicle. (Laughing at all of the insurance company stickers and such left in place when you change companies.)

I really think it should be required to repeal a law with every new one enacted. There are literally whole wings of libraries filled with useless, unused, antiquated and mostly forgotten laws......and every one of them could be dusted off and used by the overzealous.


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that part I got, I wanted to hear the story behind why it become illegal in the first place.
we can legally enter a waterway from any open access point, but if it goes through private property we have to stay in the water or within the high water boundary anyway except when necessary to go around an object in the water.

I'm figuring someone entered the river somewhere and rode their horse down it to some ones 'private fishing ground' and they had enough pull to put an end to it.