Lead is still out there


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:pWent to my local tire shop to get the oil changed in the old pickup. Ask the owner if he could still get lead weights and he said he did. Also said if I would take a 5 gallon bucket full of old weights I could have them. They would need sorted. I believe over half are lead with a lot of stick on.
I just pinch them with a pair of dykes and the non-lead are easy to tell. With what I have under my bench I believe I have enough to last the rest of my life,,,,course, I'm 77.:p

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I've been trying to convince myself that I should melt down my zinc WWs and save the um, zinc. I see more casters experimenting with them and I can't tell if zinc ingots have any value to the world or not.


Zinc is cheap as scrap around here. Guys use zinc for cannon balls & fishing weights .


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I've been musing about a zinc shotgun RB since the Bismuth thread . But I don't have an expendable pot or an iron mould for a .690 . I certainly don't want it any bigger .


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I'm glad someone is getting lead Tire weights....Where I live in the northeast I stopped going around to the tire shops and gas stations.
A 5 gal bucket used to be profitable at $25 ...well the $25 stuck but over the past 3 years I went from 80 % lead to 80 % zinc and now it is about 90 % steel!
The old days are gone for me unless I'm lucky to find an Old Mom / Pop filling station out in the boondocks!
The way I get my lead scrap now it to pick the berms! Mining them on a Public range is illegal


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I culled about half the bucket full today. Surprisingly most were lead, there were the usual steel stick-ons, a few zinc clipon and a handful of clip on that appeared to be a plastic of some sort. I've never seen these before, anyone else ever find any plastic clip on weights? What the dickens are they?

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Yes I find them in the buckets of wheel weights I get. Also find some rubber like stick on weights too. I get mine from a Les Squab tire dealer. Cost me nothing, just need to go pick up. I get a average or 25 to 30% yeild for my efforts.


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We have a lot of old lead mines up here. We also have a large zinc mine, a place my youngest boy is semi lined up to work at. I looked into the recovery process to get the lead from the ore (Galena?) and it appears to be a lot more complex than getting iron ore or eve copper. Anyone know anything about from the practical standpoint?


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I thought they just heated it in a closed furnace while piping flue gas to it as a reducant.


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Way more complex than that Ian. Lots of flotation tanks and additives. PbS tends to float and ZnS doesn’t.
No way is it a home process
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That was my understanding Brad. I watched a video or 2 on it on You Tube. What little I could find in print wasn't geared at all to something to do at home. I was hoping it would be relatively easy like making quick lime or getting iron out of ore. My impression, never having knowingly seen Galena, is that it doesn't come in veins like some minerals, but is scattered through the rock and is pretty tough to separate. I figured it might be easy since it was so common in Rome and early America. Maybe getting a little bit is easy, like with copper. Or maybe it's easier to get in some areas than others, maybe it runs if veins elsewhere. Need a geologist to start posting here!