Looking for a used 6.5 Lee Cruise missile


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Heard that some guys bought them from Midsouth for their Sweeds and they cast too large.
I'm looking for one that cast too large;)


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I have an original Oldfeller lee GB cruise missile mould and it cast too small, typical Lee every size except the one that you want.


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You're a purist, I can respect that. Lube has worked for many years
I can't stand lubes :) messy to apply, gum up your loading dies and smoke.
I have polished many cavities in multi-cavity Lyman molds where the cavities were different sizes.
When I get time I going to try polishing just the drive bands leaving the GC shank and nose alone.


I have a Lyman 268645, they cast larger than the cruise missle (I have one of the original Oldfeller's). Might be worth looking into the Lyman unless you're stuck on the cruise missile.


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I've been looking for a 268645 off and on for years, they're way out of production. It should be just about the perfect bullet for the Swedish Mauser even with just the gas check and base band in the neck. All of the Lyman designs ending in 644 and 645 with the tapered transition from nose to body are excellent.