Low Powered Scopes 1x -2x are very handy


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The #4 is what's on my Leo VIII 1.5 x 5 lighted reticle. Couple of weeks ago, shot a yote, though the throat...........could only see the head/neck due to slope of land. Scope was set at around three power.


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I just got another K2.5 and a K1.5 from online auction. I’ve put the 1.5x on my 20” AR and I think I’ll like it. 1.5x does make things look farther away- but much clearer so it’s okay. Works perfectly indoors, too.
I’m leaning towards putting the K2.5 on my 44-40 for the fun of it. Maybe put one more deer in the freezer.


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I have 3 rifle Scopes.
A Ted Williams 4x that came on the Sears 22 it still sits in. It's what I learned with.
Then 2 3X9's one a BSA that sits on a .22 set on 3. Why on a .22. Because why buy a scope when you have one. It never goes off 3x
The other a Vortex, that sits on my Bushmaster upper, also set on 3x, most of the time.
I seem to favor the x3 setting the best. But it is nice to have the x9 there, just in case. Especially on the 450 Bushmaster. However I really have never needed more then 6x on that gun. And I have killed yotes at 250 yards with it.

I had a 1.5 Red dot. But I just seam to do better with open sights on the shorter range stuff.

I just like using Aperture type steel sights, or Williams 3 dot on anything closer then 50 yards.
Accept when hunting Squirrel. Then the old Sears with the 4x comes into play for head shots at 25 yards.

I seem to aquire shots fast enough with 3 or 4 x. But....
I use both eyes to aquire the target and leave them both open during the shot. I think my astigmatism is actually an aid when it comes to that. I can see two pictures, a small and a large one. Interposing them in my mind.
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