Lubricating thermoset aerosol coating


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Digging through some old files this morning, found this:

We've discussed Polyester TGIC coating with hBN added, well this product is epoxy but well proven for a similar job. It is advertised to lubricate under pressures that yield oil ineffective (up to 100 KPSI) and won't melt after cure. Originally I was looking at the liquid form, but a brief search for "Sandstrom #099" turned up this rattlecan version. Interesting stuff.


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oh no you don't,,, that site is pretty difficult for me to glean any information from and very time consuming.

I'm still debating on whether it's practical or even possible to surface impregnate powder coated bullets with HBN.
I guess we could get the slick down to the point the primer punches the bullet out the muzzle and on to the floor.


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Sorry, crappy link. Search the Sandstrom #099 and read the PDF of the product. I think it's the stuff that's been used to coat GI M-16 magazines since forever.


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I thought GI M-16 mags were just tumbled in aluminum pellets with powdered moly disulphide?
When I rub powdered moly on my moving parts for Dillon powder measure and
primer feed, they look exactly like new M-16 mags from VN era.
Powdered moly disulphide was the original meaning of 'solid film lubricant', used on cams,
lifers and other high contact force stuff.