Lyman case prep center.


Springfield, Oregon
My Frankford Arsenal case trim and prep center died. I bought a power drill adapter for my Forster case trimmer and love it!
I picked this up to speed up the tedious brass prep we all hate. 8396


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those cutters will clean the pockets too.
I run the flash hole prep tool as my 5th option.


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I have had one for some time.
I love it.
I use RCBS large and small brushes in mine to clean primer pockets.


St Lawrence river valley, NY
Another one of those items iwa alwyas going to get and never did. Thanks for the reminder!


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I have one of the RCBS units but have a NOE bullet base chamfer unit on the last post. Sure makes case prep easier.


Redlands, Kalifornistan
This is one goodie that I have managed to survive without up until now, but its utility is obvious and I do wonder why I haven't rounded one up yet. I am no fan of case trimming, and this power unit would handle the aspects of the work I despise most--chamfering the case mouths post-trim. Running the RCBS primer pocket brushes with the unit would be nice, as well. I think you guys have "sold" me on the idea. Add "What Bret Said" as well.


Springfield, Oregon
Using it now on some .223 brass. Very smooth and its surprisingly quiet. The wife likes this part best.
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The Frankford quit? Didn't have it but a couple years? Maybe a new motor off ebay?

I've had the Lyman several now, it's still working great.


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I run the heck out of the rcbs unit.
if nothing else I touch the primer pockets and flash holes after tumbling just to make sure I have nothing in the flash holes.


NC Minnesota
I have the RCBS unit also. That and the Giraud trimmer make case prep fun. I added a tool on mine that removes the crimp from primer pockets. I find it’s a nice addition when doing a bunch of 223