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We always prefaced the drive down to San Carlos with Plenty of his boat music, as well as on the boat while fishing. It always put us in the mood for the adventure ahead good or bad. We once towed 2 gentleman back to San Carlos harbor with one of their sons in a small grady white that the starter froze up on. They had been on a school of dorado and chased them for about 5 miles, we had stayed in Pursuit also, luckily for them we were in CB range and heard the mayday. This was in the early 90's, Before the big cell phone explosion. Otherwise they may have had a long wait for the Mexican navy to pick them up or some shrimpers. Different times back then people were more courteous and helpful, at least we were. Once fishing at San Carlos lake, 2 seniors in their 70's had the bearings seize up on the boat trailer after they launched the pontoon boat. We spent an evening pulling the axles loose, and taking into Safford the next morning after we got 5 hours of fishing in , to have the bearings replaced for them. Then we brought them back and remounted on the trailer for them that evening. I think we built up plenty of good Karma over the years helping other lost or stuck or broken down Hunters and fishermen out of gas or broke down. One fellow had impaled himself thru the ear with a bass plug treble hook, it was the funniest earring we had ever seen, took a little lidocaine to numb up then a good pair of wire snips to cut the hook and get it out. He was very thankful as we were about 50 miles below Douglas fishing lake Angustura , remote 20 miles back in off a rough dirt road. He surely would have had a good couple hours of pain on the drive back to Douglas for medical care. In any case that was the toughest way I ever saw to get your ear pierced. It was disinfected well with alcohol and betadine solution and applied with Neosporin and gauze and bandaged. He was lucky we carried a first rate first aide kit and Knew first aide and minor surgery procedures. We also fed and helped novice boaters and campers from Tucson , once. She was one of these 90 day brides from England, like you see on reality TV now. He was a young Herbal Medicine student. This was in the mid 90's. I guess they had courses online back then that one could take to study Herbal medicine. Being Pharmacist's ourselves and having some experience with herbal remedies from our years in Pharmacy school. We listened to this Herbal Pharmacist as he called himself for about 30 minutes. Then we questioned his employment status. At this point he hemmed and hawwed about not completing the full course yet and was not currently employed. Seems the new wife and he were living off her ample stipend she was granted from the family or government. We never did get a complete answer, as about that time she showed up at the camp fire and overheard him. She commented he had a big mouth and should keep it shut. Anyhow they had brought another couple with them, that were even more clueless than him. We watched as they launched the 20 foot Bayliner that had a frozen starter. The mechanic from the marina boat shop came down removed it in the morning and replaced it. Seems they had left water in the bilge and froze the starter up from the last outing a year ago. Anyway later that afternoon we had further entertainment as they got stuck on a sand bar in Roosevelt lake. As this one year the lake was only at about 15% capacity and had sandbars in shallow spots. Seems they ran aground and it took 3 fish and game boats to pull them loose. It Was funny watching as they had to get out of the Bayliner to lighten it up and stand on the sandbar and push. It was hilarious watching them race up and down the lake , on the second pass they got stuck with the friend from England driving their boat. They soon left after the Marina came down and pulled the boat out. Before they left My single friend asked if they had anymore back in England with stipends that were looking for a real Pharmacist to marry. Life is good, You just have to stop and enjoy the moments. Jimmy was all about that, gonna miss U Mr. Boat Drinks. Just another day in Paradise.