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It's not for everybody, that's for sure.

We all know that one guy who's been married like five or six times and always thinks next time will be the one. Some people should be honest with themselves.

I heard a stand up comic a few years ago who said he was one of those types, sad he was tired of it and next time around, he'd just find a woman he hates and buy her a house.


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I know a guy who is always looking for his next ex wife… I lost track of how many times he’s been married after five.


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I know a guy who is always looking for his next ex wife… I lost track of how many times he’s been married after five.

Been married to the same one for well over half my life now (34 years). I don't really think about it, but I have known people who have ended up single for one reason or another after lengthy marriages and that try to get married again, sometimes it works, I guess.

At this point in my life, God forbid, that ever happened to me, there is simply no way I could get used to somebody else well enough to make a successful go of a marriage. We all have our quirks, older we get, the stronger they are. I'll just have to be a hermit if that ever happens.


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Long ago I knew 2 girls that were cousins and 2 guys that were cousins . Sherrie and Cheryl and Jeff and James I think . In any case Sherri married Jeff and Cheryl married the other guy . 12 yr go by both marriages are a gravel road full of glass and the 10 ply tires are getting thin . The 4 go their ways but there's family and kids and such . About a year goes and Sherrie and Cheryl are dating again next thing we hear Cheryl is getting married to Jeff and Sherrie is going to marry James .......weird enough by itself but apparently the girl cousins just married the wrong boy cousins and it took 14 years to figure it out . That's been probably 20 years ago now and all 4 and the 6 kids are all pretty happy I guess .

I married a Smith the first time her Dad was Jimmy and her uncle was Jerry from well up the Ozarks in Missouri.
The second time I married another Smith , not all bad times but my protective nature made her miserable ....... Anyway her Dad was Jerry and her Uncle Jimmy . South Texas and the Central Valley of Cali so not even related except by accident a minimum of 6 generations back .......

Mary is just an Okie with Irish Outlaws on one side after the Smith messes I'll take Frank and James Younger with the Kilpatricks .....6 Ted's and 7 Shelby's . We're into our 11th yr , I probably ought to make an honest woman of her but I really believe the contract was what screwed up the second one ........ Maybe I'll split and just get a minister to do the deal and leave the state out of it .......


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My parents were married for just shy of 64 years before my dad passed, and were sweethearts for slightly over 70 years. Mom always said "divorce never, murder maybe" My wife and I just celebrated 29 years of marriage, she takes a slightly different angle to Mom's philosophy: "divorce never, murder, not yet". Her parents were married just under 60 years before her mom passed.

I cannot imagine not being married. There is no her's and mine, unless you're talking about basically underwear, shoes, what little make up she uses, oh and, her sewing machine for quilting. Mess with it and "not yet" changes to "just did".


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It was Jack Daniels and Evan Williams that ruined my marriage. I went back full-time to college at the age of 27 and could no longer afford the whiskey it took to survive.

Seriously, I found in 1993 from the way we were raised that my two brothers and I attracted women with Borderline Personality Disorder. This scenario is not conducive to a long-lasting relationship. I then changed my lifestyle and avoided them ever since. Been in a serious, successful relationship since 2003 with a woman who competes in CBA Production Class and evens reloads her own ammunition.


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That was not written by a Mayberry fanatic. Floyd was married and had a son. Andy, Sam and Clara were widowed. Ernest T. Bass married as did Andy and Helen, Barney and Thelma Lou (after her divorce) and Opie. Yes, I watched far too many episodes, far too many times. That's what happens when you get 2 1/2 TV stations and one of the ones with good reception is in French!

My wife and I have been together since 1977/78, started in winter, so somewhere in there. Been married 37 years. A few rocky patches, but she puts up with me and I her. Don't know what I'd do without her!


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I wish I had met Marie 20 years sooner than I did. It would have saved a whole lot of fuss & bother.
If I remember right, you and I are the same age and Marie and Mrs. smokeywolf are pretty close in age.
If Mrs. smokeywolf and I had started our relationship 20 years earlier, Mrs smokeywolf would have been 2 years old.:eek:
You and I would have had to arrest ourselves.
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