Mold help/advice pls


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Stream volume can play havoc with fills on some molds. I have a couple that ONLY work with fastest stream I can produce.

YES MOLD temp not POT. I rarely change mine lessin I change allow. My RS up ta say COWW run 700°. Pure likes 750° range and LINO is 680-700°.

Havent seen huge shifts in season but Im also in a cold garage with Kerosene heat in Winter but never more then say 50.



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my RCBS 44-240 will cast pretty cold.
if i need some i simply keep the mold on the top of my pot and cast a few when i get another mold a little too hot.
the sprue plate almost swings freely on that one.

i have a mihec mold that casts pretty darn good bullets that fall out as soon as i open it.
unfortunately i have to pour the front cavity fast and straight, and the back one slow and dribbly.