Mora 510 - Original, not the Redo


Wetside, Oregon
I love my Mora's for basic knife duty... always go with me when hitting the woods for mushrooms and huckleberries. For serious work, I have a nice Gerber with full tang and have used many a time to split wood, make shavings, and whip up a nice hot cup of tea. Admittedly, I'm slowing down on field missions with SAR, but you never know when a full tang blade will be the difference between a functional blade and a broken one. Buy once, cry once, and get the best you can afford...


Springfield, Oregon
My new Esse knives are slick! All full tang. 90 degree spines. Two leather sheathes one kydex and one injection molded plastic. All 1095 high carbon steel. Micarta scales on all.
Back to the Mora’s. Putting a forced patina on one right now. Pics in a few more minutes.


Springfield, Oregon
Here is how it turned out.


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I thought about it and tried to remember where I bought the blades, and I'm pretty sure I just bought them off Fleabay... I looked yesterday for "mora blades" and you can still find them... but they are more in the $20 range now, IIRC.
Still, that would be easier than cutting the handle off an existing knife.... just start from scratch.

Jeff H

NW Ohio never know when a full tang blade will be the difference between a functional blade and a broken one. Buy once, cry once, and get the best you can afford...

Definitely sound logic, but I think we've all fallen victim to the "what-if" bug, which keeps gnawing at us until we have too much gun or too much knife, etc. The Moras work well as a backup to a more robust knife, or as a main knife with a more robust knife as a backup. They are so light that there's little reason to not have one with you - IF you like them. In other words, I ALWAYS have a Mora on me or within arm's reach. I carry something "more" on occasions when I sense the possibility of wishing I had something else too.

I, and most Mora fans I know, have had a lot of more robust full-tang knives and still have a few. Nothing wrong with them and I've never seen it as an either-or situation. While I've never broken a Mora, I can still appreciate the sense behind a beefier knife.

Neat thing here, or so I thoiught, but Mora has just come out with a full-tang version, but more like a smaller Enzo Trapper. I was ready to buy one until I saw the price. I'm pretty much past the days of sending $100+ (to $150 on these) when there are so many knives available that really work well for less. It sure is a tempting thing all the same. The handle and blade shapes look great, but they leave a bit of the tang showing all the way 'round the scales, which is a big NO for me. I'd have to replace the scales and for that I'd just as soon buy one of the many other good blades.

Yeah, 1095 is great stuff! Why people fall for all the cool, boutique stuff for much more money is beyond me, but I guess it sells. There's no flies on good ol' 1095.

Jeff H

NW Ohio
...Buy once, cry once, and get the best you can afford...

I had to address this specifically as a separate thing, as it's more of a behavioral thing than a knife thing. This is one of those theory v. practice problems.

Most I bought (not once, but over and over), many were sent to me to evaluate, some were gifts from makers. Glen's Conundrum article made me chuckle because of this. I had the money. I had the time,... I had many, many knives. I always spent too much time trying to decide what to take out with me. There was always a Mora in the bag or around my neck and I eventually stopped taking the other ones out. The ones I bought, I sold. The ones sent to me to test and write up were always given away as gifts. I kept the ones which ere gifted to me.

I'm not saying this in contradiction or even as a comparison - just relating how that struck me as funny, because "buy once" might make a lot of sense, but I ignored it for a long time.


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The very positive posts about Mora's inspired me to buy several, here is one: the Companion. The blade is .099 thick. Very sharp. I like the bright color, makes it easy to find in a dark drawer or bag. Not the traditional handle shape but suits me fine.

@Jeff H you made me spent $55 (bought three) Thank you!


Jeff H

NW Ohio
I don't feel one bit guilty about that!:)

You've made a solid investment. Those handles are very comfortable - very well shaped for actual use. I reviewed the "Heavy Duty" version of that one and then gave it to someone. Had one like yours and gave that one to someone. Seems like the Moras I've given away are more appreciated that the customs I've given away.

Had a new student a few years ago and as I walked around the classroom, handing out a paper, I got to him and stopped, held out a paper and then pulled it back just as he reached for it. He was wearing a cap with a Mora patch on it. I said "Mora, huh?" He blinked twice, pulled back his shoulders and said "they're a hell of a knife.... for the price," rather defensively. The rest of the class looked a bit concerned at the potential confrontation (people can be rather delicate these days) and I told him "they are a hell of a knife at ANY price," gave him his paper and moved along.

After class, we chatted and I shared a link to an article I had done on a Mora a few years previous.

The next class day, I rounded the corner on the way to my lab and he was sitting at a table in the hall, waiting in ambush. "It was YOU!," he said. "YOU were the one who got me started on these things and now I have like ten of them!"

Turns out he'd read the article when it was posted and decided to buy one and see for himself. He decided he liked them and bought more.

No longer one of my students, we've stayed in touch and have become very good friends. A wonderful, thoughtful and patient person from whom I've learned things too.


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Good products do not need much advertising.
I got started with Dan Wesson Revolvers by hearing they were accurate. No regrets there also.


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I’ve got to get one of those orange ones!
I used my New Holland Mora just the other day to cut some willow roots the size of my thumb- worked perfectly and quickly.