My new 450 Bushmester Savage

Kevin Stenberg

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I am in the process of installing the 450 barrel on my savage action. This will be another strictly hunting caliber. If i intend on keeping velocities between 1K and 1800. With most bullets being PC. Would there be any advantage to using an alloy softer that 1.5%sn. / 2.5%sb. / 96% . My concern is to get the best expansion i can get at lower velocities. Or even trying 25 to 1 with PC


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The nice thing about .45 caliber is there is no need whatsoever for expansion. You may find that a 65% or so meplat on the bullet to be even more effective than a hollow point at the velocities you mention. WFNs tend to perform better with a little more tough alloy. The mix you mention is fine but might be better if you heat-treated them at the same time you powder-coat by baking a little hotter and a lot longer than the paint requires....then immediately quenching from the oven in a bucket of cool water.
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I shoot pure wheelweight in mine with the 300 gr Lee. Big flat nose eliminates any need for expansion. Two .452 holes thru the lungs = a full freezer.
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That is pretty much new WW alloy. GCd? A wide fps range so you could HT for faster and AC for slower, PC different colors to differentiate. I'm tinkering with a 1% Sb with a tad of Zn & Cu, AC, does pretty good (expansion) in 30/30, 185gr GC FN, BLL pushed hard. If the alloy holds to the rifling the GC keeps the base good. Got good expansion on a pig carcass gut but hard alloy in 40sw TC does the job too. I agree with Ian's comment.

Kevin Stenberg

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I am waiting for my Soc. Sec. funds so i can order a Go gauge. Everything else is done but head spacing the barrel. Well i just realized i still have to bed the action.
I have about a hundred loaded rounds ready for fireforming brass. Then i will start searching for my hunting loads.


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one guy I know is running the lyman 200gr swc at about 1500 fps as a fun plinker load.
i mentioned to him I don't quite push it that hard in my 45 colt but he now gets the idea.

if I were to try the 450 I believe I would go to a 300 to 350gr bullet area and work from that area like slim did, then I could mimic 454 casull type speeds.