My new (Old) Lyman mould


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Regarding the quality of Lyman moulds Ben said to me in a conversation:
"I'm sorry to report that the quality control at Lyman isn't what it was in the 40's and 50's. That was the " hey day " of great moulds."

I ordered a "311041" mould from eBay a few days ago and received my new (old) mould today.

It was not a modern 311041.........It was a vintage 31141! :)



It still had a bullet in one of the cavities.


It looks like it is in good shape. I paid $80 including shipping. Is that too much?


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A very versatile .30 cal. mould that can be pressed into service with the 30-30, 308 Win., 30-06 and a myriad of other .30 cal. cartridges.

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I dont see pics.

80$ for me is high side for a 2 Cav Iron. But not crazy.

IMHO 50/60 is fair <50 is cheap & 75 now aweful if its something you really want and its a nice clean mold. NOT counting shipping.

Of coarse some rare molds command more.


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For a Lyman mould of that vintage, $80 wouldn't scare me off. If handles came with it, I would just reach for my wallet and Pay The Man. The block and its cavities are in VERY NICE CONDITION.


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Very nice mold. I’m glad that you got a good one!

My last eBay mold purchase did not go so well. I bought what appeared to be a very nice two cavity 323470. The seller shipped the mold halves loose. Of course they beat the hell out of each other.

I should have returned it. Instead I requested and got a partial refund and tried to repair it. I burnished the cavity edges a little too much, now it fins a bit on the nose. But it’s still sticking in the lube grooves. I need to spin a few bullets in the cavities. Or maybe I’ll just leave it in a corner as a reminder that I should return broken things, instead of adding more projects to my plate!



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I bought a mould from Erik Ohlen of Hollowpoint Molds yeads ago. When he was packing it to ship he discovered a cavity edge destroyed by a previous person's failure to pack the mould properly. Just one of two was damaged so I insisted on paying him for the mould anyway and he threw in a freebee. Great guy. Anyway, lesson learned is no matter who they are, POLITELY INSIST that the seller packs the mould halves separately. If they get pissy over the request that's their problem.


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I haven’t been shipping the moulds with the halves speaker but rather have been using a cable tie to hold the cavity firmly shut. I sure wouldn’t want a mould to come open and let the blocks bang around.


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I use a zip tie too. Eric used a piece of bicycle tire, when he shipped the Ideal 266469 I bought from him.


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IINM Eric strongly recommends strapping the mold together and NOT separately. I have been reading his site. :)

I can see the issues. But proper packaging either way should assure perfect condition upon arrival. You just need remember that anything and everything is possible to happen to the package during shipment. I have taken to dbl pkging AND COMPLETE ADDRESS directly on item. Then packing so nothing moves at all. So WHEN it gets blown out of the box by the gorillas handling it... I have a chance if seeing it again.

I sent cast bulllets of various "flavors" to a friend in Cali last month. Took almost THREE WEEKS. WAS VERY SOLIDLY PKGED!! I buy 6mil zip loc baggies 4x6. THEN I put four in a row and VAC SEALED THEM in second layer of HD plastic. I took that and TAPED THEM TO INSIDE OF BOX. Oh inside the vac seal I put my return address stickers. Box was nearly water proof with all the QUALITY 3M clear pck tape. Then 1" FIBER TAPE to keep box from splitting. Total weight was like 18#.

When it arrived there was LOOSE BULLETS INSIDE!!!!

I have received two EMPTY boxes in the last few months. The PO delivered a EMPTY TORN OPEN BOX... Im STILL FIGHTING for the insurance... Dont expect to win. How could I win THEY DONT CARE!

Not much suprises me.


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Most of the time the P.O. won't bring a box of lead to the house. I have to go get it. Takes a half hour minimum and they push it out the bottom of the half door with a foot. Can't be bothered to pick it off the floor and put it on my 4 wheel dolly. I've gotten 5lb boxes with the linotype "leaking" out a torn corner, should've weighed 50lbs. Forget insurance, Sent Letter of complaint to Postmaster General in Wash D.C. along with DD214 and SSDI Letter showing disablity.
Took 2 years to get action.
Local Postmaster is never "available" when I try to see him. Four years, still haven't seen the *&%$)( . But His labeled parking space has another new foreign made SUV in his parking space everytime I got there.