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I just got a new (to me) S&W 624, the slightly lighter .44 Spl brother to the 629 .44 Mag. It is nice, and
after some cleaning (moderate leading in the first inch of the bbl), I spent some time with the pin gauges.
I am pleased. Cylinder throats are about 0.001 larger than I consider ideal, at 0.431, but that is pretty darned
close. And there is NO thread choke! Lear Sigler got one right. :):):):)

The gun may be in the recall range of SNs from '85. The recall includes guns with SNs of "AHXXXX". This one
has a SN of "AHBXXXX". The question is do the "XXs" in their format include only numerals or also letters?
I THINK they might have added the "B" to distinguish from the earlier SN series, for that reason. But not
100% and may call S&W and ask. Some say the issue was that some 624s would accept .44 Mag cases, others
say it was bad metallurgy in the cylinders, not sure what is correct. This one will not accept .44 Mag cases.

A previous owner put a green fiber optic front sight on it, which is what I prefer. However it is one of the
darned round top versions, no flat top for a good elevation reference in the sight picture. I will have to replace
it. Round top front sights on handguns drive me nuts. I will not abide it if the sight is replaceable.

Action is nice, it has the original cardboard box and the giant target grips (bleah) and the target hammer and
trigger, which, IIRC are hard chromed carbon steel parts. Hard chromed carbon steel parts are VERY nice
and VERY durable. Another plus, if I am correct. Double and single action trigger pulls are very good to

All in all, so far, so good. Today is 40s, overcast and blustery, the ground is saturated, mud everywhere....not
my kind of shooting day. So, testing will have to wait.

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Must have solid evidence of this good fortune.
Pics, Pics, Pics
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I gotta agree on the front sight . . . What could they have been thinking. :confused:


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Other than the sight it looks awful familiar, doesn’t it Rick?
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I think you will like that gun.

My 6 1/2" 624 is serial numbered AHB followed by four numbers. It, too, has .431" cylinder throats, and the barrel grooves are .430". From all I've read, over many years, those numbers are universal. I prefer the factory wood Target grips, because my hand doesn't get pounded by the back strap, unlike what happened with Pachmayr and Hogues.

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California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Shootist Trevor,
That's one of the best handguns on the planet.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Mine likes the 429421 with 13.0-grains of 2400, and 15.0-grains of 2400 with Hornady's 240-grain HP/XTP.


Those 624's are nice guns. Look on the end of the box and see if there is a Red letter "C" stamped on it. The "C" means that the factory checked the cylinder and it passed. The numbering system is 3 Letters and 4 Numerals.