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Well... It "jumped" into my hand and stuck... Yea thats my story!!

Back up 6-8 months. I was in my buddys shop and he says. HEY!! Your a shooter try this! He locked the door and we went i to the range. He handed me a pistol and a loaded magazine a d said tell me what ya think. It was s small pocket 22 LR. I shot 6,7,8,9 & 10 shots!! Woah! All we t i to a golf ball @ 25'. The trigger was nice for what it was. It had steel sights. Small but real sights! He said 325$

I didnt buy right there but a phone call to a friend sold the two he had in the show case!! I left and didnt stop thinking about how & where I might have a use. I came up empty. It was nice but I simply had no use.
Month or so later I was again in the shop and he asks if I want one of these LCP II pistols. "Im ordering now 300$ your cost". I just answered... YES before I knew what I was saying. :oops: :rofl:

Got it and I do love it! I carry when Im walking woods fishing that kinda thing. I dont believe it as a defensive gun. But its actually accurate enough for a Grouse or a squirrel head. As long as its 50' or so.

Beginning of this month Ruger released a LCP MAX. Its a 380 but along the lines of this new sub compact 9mm trend. Its a 10/12 shot 380 thats smaller then the smallest 9mm. 380 has enjoyed the same ammo advances as all calibers. A friend picked this up last week and we shot it today. Needless to tell ya, I was impressed enough to buy one today!!! Its 98% the size of my 22LR and fits same magazines!!!
CT did a upgrade last week on the NCISS system. So they where down Monday and Tuesday.... So not a single gun has been sold in CT untill this AM. My dealer has been on the phone straight since 9am (I was there 13:00) trying to get numbers for customers. I didnt wanna spend the day so I bought and Ill stop back later in the week to pick it up.

Im looking for extra mags but no one has. 12rnd are available but we have to have 10 for carry.

Its a nice real little pistol!



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Ruger has a hit, with this pistol. I expect it to sell well. I own a LCPII (22LR) I particularly like the change to the white dot on the front site. First thing I did with the LCPII was add florescent red nail polish to the front site. IMO, if your going to put a thumb safety on a pistol, make it ambidextrous. The slight widening of the grip, is a nice touch. The original grip is a bit thin. I added the Hogue grip sleeve. I didn't purchase the LCPII to carry. Just a range toy to use up the copious amount of promotional 22LR ammunition acquired, over the years. However, it's only about 80% reliable with the promotional ammo. Reliability is near 100% with premium ammo like Stingers, Mini-Mags or Velocitators.

I won't be purchasing one. The smallest centerfire, I load for, is the 9 mm. In this day and age, I'm not about to acquire all the accoutrements for loading/casting for the 380 ACP. Besides, I have no need for a tiny pistol. I carry, all day, every day. Either, a J- frame or a subcompact 9mm. No problem printing, with a Mika pocket holster, wearing shorts or long long as their not blue jeans. I don't feel the need for more than five shots. Hopefully, I wont need even one.


Residing in New England
Mostly same story. (My front is lyme green)

But I have been loading 380 a long time. My first was a Beretta 85, then a couple Colts 1903 & Govt 380 x2. :p
Pop had a Ilama way back. It was near useless for his use. (Garden gun) I watched multiple Rabbits take 90g ball many times. The lil 22 did better on those east ta kill bunnies. But I loved shooting it!
I recently picked up a Lyman 358242 mold and my G42 shoots it real nicely. Hoping this RUGER does as well. I bought some 5000 ish 90g plated from a closing gun shop 5-6 years ago as well. So plenty of replenish able fodder.
I like revolvers, but really fell out of favor with the 38 in the J frame. I also have picked up a 327 and feeling that might be a much better J frame caliber. (Wandering now)
My LCP LR had a rough start! It wouldnt cycle ANYTHING!! Then a fluff n buff found some rough edges and machining marks. Then that muzzle. :oops::oops::oops::mad: I re crowned that and now as long as I watch that TD pin it shoots great with everything! But that pin walks a bit and when it does Ill start ftf. Push it back centered its a Singer!! It wont come out, but it moves and somehow drags the barrel I assume and causes issues. 100% not my choice as a defensive carry!

This is my 22 LR LCP II.
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I recently went back down the 32 ACP path and it reminded me how much FUN little pistols can be. These aren’t serious tools for self-defense, but they are inexpensive and provide big smiles.


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FWIW in the 22/380 defensive pistol use, I can assure you that based on personal experience a 22 looks pretty doggone big when it's pointed at your face from 5 or 6 feet away!!!!! And those who know tell me that when you get hit with a couple in the torso and leg that you lose pretty much any interest in continuing the bullcrap you were involved with before that lady whose house you entered got her trusty Marlin rifle from behind the closet door! Sumpthin' is a whole lot more better than nuthin'!!!!


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I had a co-worker who was shot by his girl friend with a .22 LR from a Ruger pistol.
They were both very drunk and she was trying to make him confess to cheating on her by threatening him with the pistol. The gun went off.
The bullet went into his chest just right of his left nipple, turned after and inch. Went three inches down. Turned again and went back four inches. Turned again and went up three inches. Turned again and went about an inch and stopped under the skin of his back.
Basically, in, down, back, up and back.
He lived..
He said it knocked the wind out of him and he went to the floor.
He saw it coming and was not all pumped up with adrenalin.
I just thought it was strange that the bullet changed direction 4 times.
Probably saved his life, as straight penetration would probably have hit his heart or close enough to it to have killed him.
It changed direction, running along muscles, not bones.
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Yup, thats what .22's do in bodies! COUNTLESS shooting report same results.

Speakin to 380... Has anyone loaded from data from Lyman manual??

This morning I loaded, Titegroup, Power pistol, Unique, Red dot and #2. First starting load then to max suggested. NONE CYCLED THE GUN!!!!!!

I checked the new Hornady manual and dont ya know, all these powders had starting loads @ or ABOVE Lymans 50th STARTING!!!!!! Finaly settled upon 3.3g 231. (Lyman said 2.9 was max) as this is such a low pressure you would likely need twice its pressure to show pressure signs on cases. But everything looks good.

Just curious.

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I have had good functioning in a OMC Backup and a Taurus 738 (?) with 3.1 gr. of 231 behind 92-102 gr. cast. both functioned well. My Lyman manual says 3.5 gr. of 231 is max behind 92 gr. cast. and 3.2 with the 121gr cast bullet.
Cast bullet manual Third Edition.


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I shot a few if those backups back in the day... Never had a Taurus 380 altho cane mighty close with that CURVE and Spectrum. But never did buy.
Speaking Taurus. I really thought Id like a Judge as a bedroom gun for the wife. She has little hand strength so autos of substantial caliber are tough. But she shoots my 10mm Glocks like a champ. Loves my G29 that grown men say is "far too Snappy!!!" :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ;)
That gun shop has two used fixed site guns. Just like Id like... 500+ $ USED!!!!!! This place dosent gouge prices. So I didnt realize they jumped so!! I was looking at the poly judge before this and I coulda sworn they wasnt 400 new.

Good ta hear the load conformation!!!


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I made to trip back to the Gun Shop this AM ta pick up the MAXX.
I was first at the door and knew straight away it wasnt gonna be good when the girl said she wasnt able to connect yesterday was like Wednesday... The state was STILL DOWN!!
Being "DOWN" means NO ONE is buying a firearm in the state of Connecticut. Since SUNDAY!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!

So Im out the fuel for the 30+ mile trip and nothing ta show for it! Ill try again Tuesday...



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I had a Star/LLama/whatever 380 long time ago, only shot it once, no idea where it is now (lost). Nice little 1911 styled pistol. No paperwork to fill out that I remember, Oshman's long gone.


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Are concealed carry permit holders, subject to background checks? Waived, in Arkansas. We recently went to permit less concealed carry. However, I will still renew mine if for nothing but the ease of purchasing at the LGS. Walk in plop down the money, walk out with your new toy.


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Same in AZ. Don't need a permit to carry but having a CC permit means no waiting. I told my son who lives in TX to get his CC permit for this exact reason.


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Nebraska requires a handgun purchase permit. Good for 3 years, costs 5 bucks. It is essentially the background check in advanced. Show that and no background check required.