New Style perf Grid for PC


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Hi Folks,
I recently have found an interesting perf Grid plate that works great with .243 ( base down ) as well an my new 6.5mm & 7 mm nose down and a few 30 cal pointed bullets also.
It is an aluminum plate with a clover leaf hole!. I bent the 4 corners down so the 4 tiny touch point engage the 243 bullets in the lube groove when base down and the large bullets nose down on the pointed nose. It appears that this plate has been powder coated already which makes it easy to drop the finished hot bullets without sticking.
Photo below:
New Perf Grid.jpg


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available at your local ACE for 35.99.
seriously,, I was looking at them 2 days ago.

I couldn't get my 30 cal noses to stand up in the holes without modifying the plate so I went with some hardware cloth [which I still had to modify]


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alright,, this might be hard to follow, and hopefully I don't get too technical.

I took one of those screws that they put in the back of an upright washing machine to hold the drum in place during shipping.
I held it in my right hand and I held the hardware cloth in my left hand, then I poked the pointy bit on the screw in between the squares and twisted it so it so the threaded part caught in the wires and opened the holes.
then using my MK-1 eyeball, and feed back from my fingers telling me I was stretching the wires I stopped twisting.
when the hole looked big enough or I snapped one of the wires I set one of my bullets in the hole to check the interference fit.
amazingly I was able to hold a tolerance of well under .0000000001 on at least 2 of the 4 sides.

it's kind of wobbly but it will hold about 100 bullets on top of the 9X13 baking sheet that fits my oven.
the 1/4" cloth will work like this up to 8mm's easily enough,, and down to 6.5's [probably as is on them]


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for the one shown I would take a punch that was tapered and do a little trial and error pushing the 4 points open, then find my spot, mark it, and repeat.
maybe using a drill press as a punch press to give me a little leverage.


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Neat idea, JW.

I used a small aluminum sheet 3/8" thick. Drilled holes the diameter of the nose depth for the bullet to sit. Then counter sunk the holes. I made one to do 20 bullets. It can be tippy.

Thought about laminating the holes with a high temp epoxy to custom fit the plate to one bullet style. Haven't tried it but, think the idea could work.

If a guy had enough bullets, slathered them up with shoe polish, mixed the epoxy, apply to the pre-drilled/beveled holes. Squish the bullets in straight & let it cure. Bingo, custom laminated nose down pc baking plate.

Alot of silicone type are rated to 500 degrees. The holes could be laminated with that also but, silicone tends to be as or more costly than does high temp epoxy. The silicone may be more non stick.

Sorry guys, just spitballing from where I'd left off on this a few years back.


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Tried the 9mm case, wire grid, drilled plate, etc. a few years back when I was ESPC. Just a mess. Biggest problem was stuck bullets when they cool and sags of powder. Hope it works for you.


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looks like a good answer for rifle bullets

I was thinking about sizing brass to accept gas check shanks and screw them to a metal plate then I could either ASBBDT or spray them.
remember those plastic square honeycombed diffusers florescent lights had?


The "bad" news is that of you just dump them on the hardware cloth, shake of excess and cook them, they work just as well. Not as pretty although sizing usually cleans them up.


Root man, that's the way I do it. Shake, sift off excess, dump on parchment paper, cook for a while, then dump in water. I have been shooting these in monthly milsurp matches with some success, only 100 yds though and not fast. So far I have not paid much attention to time or temp



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I started using 45cal pistol factory plastic ammo holders I find in the trash at the range. Use a tapered reamer to 'size' the holes. put on cooking tray, pick up rifle boolits from tub with hemos and drop base down in the hole. Fill all, remove tray and refill - I get 100 easy on the cook tray. I cook on a hot plate but when I get another tray I could glue together and move to oven and remove for cooking. The 45 I use has a cylinder hole all the way through, 9mm is a square grid and they do work too - no mod needed. I used the post type tray and it works too but flipping is a pain and you can't scoot them around much without removing some powder.

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