NOE 311-127- FN


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This NOE- mold was previously known as 311-122- FN (which is stamped on mine). It is the NOE- version of the Ideal 311654 Lovereign design. Below is a screenshot from an old Ideal manual, showing the original bullet.

I have a 4 cavity mold, 50/50 gc/pb. I have shot it a little, but other projects have been in focus since I got this mold. Today, I decided to shoot some nice, friendly loads in my Rem 700, .30-06. I have lttle practical experience with such «low node» load development, but have learned quite a bit on this forum! Alloy was nuclear medicine lead with 2% tin, pencil hardness number 12- ish. PB- bullets weigh 130grs, unchecked GC- bullets 127 grs. Sized .3105. 85AF7B83-5053-47DE-A103-3C5C034EE9ED.jpeg172F7157-71DD-4FD1-B702-C9516C557A43.png99D6DC61-F474-42D8-B0C7-8D362C5AFB47.jpeg
Norma range pick-ups, CCI LRP. 5 different powders (fishing!); Universal 8,5/9grs, Vectan Prima V 8/8,5grs, Viht N32c 8,5/9 grs, IMR PB 8/8,5 grs, Vectan Ba9, 8,5/9grs. Tumble lubed bullets.
Shot at 100m from prone, with support on a bag. No wind. Still unmodified, original trigger (a bit heavy). Results were not really remarkable, but I consider it a good start. With each powder, I had roughly 2 MOA group with 5 shots with one of the loads. The best group was with N32c, 9grs. Something to build on, at least. I like this bullet!


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Also shot the GC version today, in my Howa .308 win. This was cast with 96/2/2 alloy, 0,3mm (0,12in) alu GC (Pat Marlin). 14 grs Viht N110 powder. Tumble lubed (60/40 X.lox/boat wax). One group with CCI LRP, one with Win LRP. The WLRP group was best (Need to test this more). Size .309.30D8D5BB-17D5-4B96-B925-285DC1702FB1.jpeg
Shot at 100m from prone, support on bag. Target increments 30mm (1 MOA =29mm at 100m). The computer (Digital target system) said this was 1,5 MOA.


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can't get prima-V here anymore.
Graf's was the big importer but they keep waffling on whether to bring more in or not.
just as everyone was catching on to the stuff for fast shot shell loads and for the 9mm they decide they don't want to deal with importing it.... sorta,, maybe,,,, or not, they keep flipping back and forth,,, but, they haven't ordered any.
so I'd say that's a no...... for now.


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Tried a few more loads yesterday. GC- bullets this time, in my Howa .308. Home made aluminium checks. BHN around 15. Pan lubed bullets, with tumble coat. 100m, prone, support on a bag. Prima V worked well (7,5- 8- 8,5 grs). All groups were reasonable, the 8 grs group was best. I haven´t focused much on this bullet until now, just shot some groups occationally. It has my attention now.