Old Army with Black MZ


West Central AR
What's the throat on that ROA ? I have a relieved 430421 2C that drops .448+ , ideal for pp .451-2 . It is also is a resistance slip fit in a Dragoon . 35-40 gr of FFg should be pretty safe in that as well as 45ish of the home screen BP . I remember the ROA needing .458 RB vs .451-4 in the various Rem/Colts copies . You might get away with a 45-200 or the like in it .

I've tried 2-3 times to get a RB mould cut out to a flat base . EG a .454 RB with a .449 base and a fat lube groove . Dead soft it should be a firm slip fit on the base in most copies and positive seal on the ball . It would be heavier but no take up significantly more chamber space . The difference in 141 gr and 170+- and meeting the conical requirement might be just the ticket . Of course it might tumble and not shoot fer beans too due to insufficient length .


North Central Arkansas
The Lee 220 conical is all I need. Here is my last load development target:


Twenty yards, off hand.

I shot that Lee conical mold in my old Ruger old army and it shot really well. I have the Lyman 457127. It's a gallery bullet for the 4570 . I'm thinking giving that ago. It cast too small for my trapdoor at .457. So at least maybe I'll have a use for it
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I also shoot the RB's and the Lee conical in my ROA. I also picked up a mould from the Lee website in the clearance section that I think was a rejected Kaido mould because it casts a 250 WFN type bullet a@ .457" so I figured I would try it out. So far it is shooting good.

A bad pic of my ROA with some aftermarket grips:

I sure am glad I bought another old army. I'm not going to let this one leave my hands like the three other as I've owned. I wish I could find the old Felts hats I had stashed away to make my own wads. I bought some at the store and they are thin and I don't like them quite as well as the ones I was making myself