Paint for bullet lube ?


I see this pop up once in a while using some of the new VHT or high silicon paints. Has anyone tried them ? Results ?

I needed some mold release for bedding so I ordered this. Sprayway SW946 Silicone Spray and Release Agent, 11 oz from Amazon.

Might try some on pistola bullets.


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I used to lube sprue plates with that stuff, it worked pretty well. We discussed silicone as a bullet lube component at length numerous times and several highly-educated voices of reason predicted "sandy barrel syndrome" due to decomposition of the silicone at high heat/pressure. Might be fine for pistol bullets, but if you research applications of silicone oil as a metal-on-metal lubricant it is never recommended, especially in EP situations.

Rick H

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I tried Black VHT on a 40 S&W Shield, that was leading with 45-45-10. It still leaded and smeared black paint. The leading was pretty bad with 40 rds. down the bore. (using Lee 175 TC) I only attempted using it once and gave it up. I saw no improvement over the 45-45-10.. I was discouraged with the results and never pursued it further. Powder Coat works much better for me.