Playing around with trail boss


Wetside, Oregon
Hey gang... One of my pet projects is finding some fun low node combo for a 1951 Marlin sporting carbine.

Tried trail boss this go around and had some success and failure...

Rcbs 200gr with 8.7gr scoop of TB. No GC and LLA. Nice one hole group close in, and consistent knocking down of steel targets with authority out to 100yds.

Ideal w/c, 148gr 358432s... Same powder charge with the groups opening up. Molybee lube at .359.

May try to shoot as cast with LLA, and drop the charge to see if it helps.




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a few years ago i had about 20 or so 200gr hornady xtp(444 marlin/44 mag) and a 2 canisters(7 or 8oz?) of trail boss. well i loaded them up with my 444(tc encore/23" MGM barrel), put a target out at 50 yards and then i shot them. boy was i surprised!!! it was a 2 1/2" at 50 yards(20 or so bullets). i should have chronied them but i was just shooting for fun. i should've took a picture too.

i have shot 220gr wc, 250gr penta hp, 255gr keith, 275gr ranch dog and 280gr lfn/wfn gc with TB in my 444 and every one of them was exceptional. now i'm not saying every load, far from it. but i would tinker with the powder load, trying to find its accuracy.

200gr hornady xtp with 16.5gr of trail boss


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Very nice shooting! 35 rem?
I haven't tried Trailboss. But I use some vihtavuori N32c, which is a similar powder concept. Good low node powder.


Wetside, Oregon
Yes !! 35 Remington. It was more of a fun shoot to make sure that the rcbs 200gr would be fine with the rifle. I was amazed at how tight of a group it wanted to shoot!


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If a .35 Remington won't group with that bullet you have other problems than the bullet design. Nice work with them having no gas check.