Powder coating


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WD means water dropped. Hot from mould into a bucket of water. Gives a higher BHn


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I don't know that I'd cancel the #2 alloy order, but I wouldn't necessarily use it straight for what you're trying to do either.


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1300 fps is slow for a plain base 12 bhn air cooled bullet in a lever rifle.
you don't need to try anything fancy to get there.
if your talking a 6" revolver your gonna need to add a little more powder.
this doesn't need to be hard, and you don't need harder alloy to get there.

let's focus on what you do need or what will most likely get you there with the least amount of work.
check the diameters of the gun, size your bullet to fit or don't size if it's maybe a little big.
if you got TL bullets just go straight to powder coating and size them appropriately.
if you want to use tumble lube apply it sparingly and size appropriately.
use a slowish powder to get what you want velocity wise, red-dot won't be the best choice, 2400 is more appropriate, if that's too fast back the speed down by using herco or something in that area.


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Use of properly applied PC allows softer alloy and higher velocities. IN A HANDGUN completely allows omission of a gas check! Simply stated, Handgun calibers in handguns simply cannot reach a velocity where the PC fails. Again PROPERLY APPLIED.

I costed some 5/600 pcs yesterday.