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In another thread the topic of QL and is it worth the money was raised. To me it was worth every penny.

Here is an example of how I like to use the software. This is a generic load. For accurate data you need to measure your brass and bullets including actual case capacity in gr of water.
This shows what is predicted when powder charge is varied over a range. This is useful because it lets you have an idea of a good start point for a load.
Cartridge : .30-30 Win. (SAAMI)
Bullet : ?? .311,166,N.O.E. Bullet SC311-165-RF GC AH4
Useable Case Capaci: 37.300 grain H2O = 2.422 cm³
Cartridge O.A.L. L6: 2.550 inch = 64.77 mm
Barrel Length : 20.0 inch = 508.0 mm
Powder : Alliant 2400

Predicted data by increasing and decreasing the given charge,
incremented in steps of 2.0% of nominal charge.
CAUTION: Figures exceed maximum and minimum recommended loads !

Step Fill. Charge Vel. Energy Pmax Pmuz Prop.Burnt B_Time
% % Grains fps ft.lbs psi psi % ms

-20.0 39 12.80 1494 823 16401 3159 99.5 1.889
-18.0 40 13.12 1521 853 17221 3225 99.7 1.845
-16.0 41 13.44 1548 883 18066 3287 99.9 1.804
-14.0 42 13.76 1574 914 18934 3347 100.0 1.764
-12.0 43 14.08 1600 944 19828 3403 100.0 1.726
-10.0 44 14.40 1626 974 20747 3457 100.0 1.690
-08.0 45 14.72 1651 1005 21690 3511 100.0 1.655
-06.0 46 15.04 1676 1035 22660 3565 100.0 1.621
-04.0 47 15.36 1700 1065 23656 3619 100.0 1.590
-02.0 48 15.68 1724 1095 24678 3673 100.0 1.559
+00.0 49 16.00 1748 1126 25727 3726 100.0 1.530
+02.0 50 16.32 1771 1156 26803 3779 100.0 1.501
+04.0 51 16.64 1794 1186 27906 3832 100.0 1.474
+06.0 52 16.96 1816 1216 29038 3885 100.0 1.449
+08.0 53 17.28 1839 1246 30198 3937 100.0 1.423
+10.0 54 17.60 1861 1277 31386 3990 100.0 1.399

Results caused by ± 10% powder lot-to-lot burning rate variation using nominal charge
Data for burning rate increased by 10% relative to nominal value:
+Ba 49 16.00 1787 1178 29429 3623 100.0 1.447
Data for burning rate decreased by 10% relative to nominal value:
-Ba 49 16.00 1687 1049 21943 3865 99.8 1.640


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A quick check shows that a 9 mm load using Power Pistol and the Lyman 356402 goes from safe to over max with a seating depth change of .010. That small amount of deeper seating raised pressure in the 3 K PSI range.
Ian has used the data in 308 to help predict a powder that would give the pressure he wanted at the gas port in the M1A needed for reliable functioning.

if anyone has questions please ask. I use only a fraction of the power of the software. I will say that in rifles it is amazingly accurate in predicting velocities.


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Seems like purchase of QL now goes through UK? Thought about it a couple times but generally get along without it. Kinda like the magnetospeed, if it worked well with cast, maybe worth the extra coin?


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This is why I reached out to you for 9mm info. IMO it's kind of a sketchy little round to load for. Things can go from safe to dangerous very easily if one is not paying very close attention. I had no good source of reference for two different bullets I wanted to play around with and Brad was nice enough to help me find a safe starting and stopping points with a couple different powders. Many thanks Brad.


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A chronograph makes QL even better. It lets you determine how closely the actual and predicted velocities line up. To me the closer the velocities match the more I trust the pressure data.

Shooting without a chronograph is something I don’t do often unless I amplinking or something of that sort.


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the 9mm scares me to death to deal with, beyond anything close to normal.
I spent some time messing with it a few years back and took things too far [too easy and too fast too far]
the intent was to take things too far with that Taurus and I did, but much sooner than I thought I would.


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I have one of each -- full-size .45 ACP Randall and a .40 S&W Glock 27 -- and they each have their purpose. Bought the Glock only because there's not a $400, 10-round .45 ACP 1911 the same size and weight.


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I need to see how fast the 45 ACP gets in trouble with deep seating. Probably just as fast or close to it. The fatter case helps as volume doesn’t decrease as fast with deep seating.


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This is exactly the meat and potato stuff I was looking for THANK YOU Brad for posting this up it is exactly what I was looking for!

Time to press buy now!


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My program has paid for itself many times over. As long as one always remembers that it is only a computer model as good as the data it's fed, and still can generate very flawed predictions due to factors it isn't designed to consider.

The .45 ACP and .38 Special are both highly- sensitive to seating depth with powders on the fast end of the spectrum, but not as bad as the 9mm from what I understand. The .40 will get you in trouble real quick with seating depth too. Seating depth is a danger that's very much under-emphasized in loading manuals and the general knowledge base of the handloading community.

QL is an invaluable tool when building loads for gas-operated rifles and for predicting the quietest load for suppressors. It's also great for detemining how strong an alloy needs to be to make the throat transition in a rifle with a given angle.


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Seems like purchase of QL now goes through UK? Thought about it a couple times but generally get along without it. Kinda like the magnetospeed, if it worked well with cast, maybe worth the extra coin?
I've used my magnetospeed effectively with every kind of cast load from .22 to .45, gas checked and plain, only had a few small issues at first learning to use it but once getting the sensitivity and bullet gap set it works 100%.

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Not to drag this thread off topic, but I went and looked up Quickload to read about it and maybe purchase it only to find out they don't sell to many countries including the USA. So how did you people get a copy.

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I think there is a US version? This is the only source I am aware of in the US.
NECO is a niche marketer. They have always had some unique products geared towards people who worked on the upper end of the game.

Make sure to go to NOEs site and get their bullet file for QL. Save it to the directory used by QL for the other bullet files.


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Re Rick's post....well, yeah, but the Glock fanboys will tell you that the Glock is continuing to
evolve, getting better every generation. :rofl:


Someday, they'll get it right, finally.

And I gotta get Quickload.

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I seen they are up to Gen.-5 now.
I figured they were just trying to catch up to the Camaro.