Scrap Yard find


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I am a fool I think. I am going to be attempting to help out another older fellow caster and shooter pretty quick. He is wanting to get rid of what he has left.
Some lead bullets of various alloys along with some other smelted lead, then there is some raw COWW couple of buckets. Will have some other odds and ends as well, dies, loading blocks, priming tools, powder measure, etc.

Last time I did this type of thing and the stuff didn't sell for the individual, I ended up with it in a lump and am still storing most of it!! I am out of room and have plenty of alloy for my usage. I shake my head as I type this, being a nice guy gets one no where most times.


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I'm not too far a drive. I would be willing to store your excess lead in my brass. Powder too.


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there will be 2-3 things there you want, and like me you'll end up with it all at almost brand new price.