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I don't know JW; San Fran would give that a run for filth. May not have a dead horse in the street, but the human feces and needles would be worse IMO.


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When I was a kid, we lived in Key West for a few years. I would ride my bike down to the docks on Saturday afternoon
and watch the party boats bring in their haul. They were right on the main road into Key West, so had boards rigged
with spikes, slap all the fish on the boards in a big display while the crew started fileting them for the fisher folk to
take home. One or two boats would often bring in a big hammerhead, say 10 ft or more or a big jewfish, similar in
size and appearance to your first photo. They have slightly larger mouths, proportionally. Of course, jewfish became
politically incorrect and recently they were renamed goliath groupers. Whatever, I saw a bunch of 300-400 lb "sea bass"
hanging up there as a kid. Still impresses me.

Slums are slums, no dead horses, but probably dead people in places in current big cities. Stories out of
SF, as Gary mentions are pretty ugly. Hope to not need to go back, ever.



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Those kids with their bare feet in that gutter, you know whats in there? No wonder disease was rampant in the cities. And a lot of those places they got their water from a communal well that didn't have a modern casing. Can anyone say "Mass graves"? No chubby kids in those pictures, much less the fat slobs we have today. So we traded typhus, scarlet fever and influenza for diabetes, heart disease and multiple drug resistant TB. That's progress.


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That's an Adirondack Guide Boat the fella is carrying in the last shot. Probably enough copper rivets in it to make up 10 or 20 thousand bullet jackets. IIRC the average Guide Boat had about 5,000 rivets and burrs in it. Every plank is different. Quite an undertaking to build one. and the ribs are Spruce roots selected for shape!


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Prior to the Civil War, the Arlington House was home to Confederate General Robert E Lee.png
Prior to the Civil War, the Arlington House was home to Confederate General Robert E Lee


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Seems like every picture you see of women of that era,they look so stern. I'm guessing they all had to "hold it" a long time.
It must have taken at least two assistants for them to be able to go to the bathroom with all those clothes on!


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Love that picture of the young man with the single shot and single rabbit. I'm betting from his appearance it was a welcome treat at his families table.
In the picture of the rifle squad, it's appears at least three of them are Native Americans.