Some weeks things just work out right

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First thing this week was good when I managed to acquire 500 top of the line ..308 cases. Today while down in the states picking up a few things with a buddy, I stopped at the local Ace Hardware. Now I know this stuff is near impossible to find in the U.S.A. , and impossible in Canada. So there I go, down the household items isle and what do my disbelieving eyes see ???? Yup...two things we can't get in Canada...... I was a happy camper. And yes I asked if they had more...the answer was NO


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Now to convince customs that you have hardwood floors in a historical house that simply cannot be preserved any other way. ;)


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Two cans of that stuff will last a few lifetimes.
That's the truth. I made up my first batch in Nov. 2015
I used all the alox I had on hand which used almost one full bottle of the JNBFW
I have barley put a dent in that and still have one new unopened bottle.
No worries on this end. With all the PC I do these days, most of my BLL use is an overcoat to lubed rifle bullets.
Killer score Man!

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I told the customs guy I was bringing back floor wax for my wife, and I bought a 2lb cross peen hammer to begin my journey in Black Smithing....he laughed and waved me on. It was a good week


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We alwyas get a kick out of watching the Canucks come here, buy new stuff and them spend 45 minutes in the parking lot of the store getting it all out of the packages and stuffing it in tool kits, laundry bags, putting mud on it, whatever it takes to avoid paying duty going home!

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No hiding it Bret....nothing illegal about bringing back floor wax, Turpentine and a hammer. Really not worth the risk in my mind....those guys sneaking shit across will get caught one day, and for what...a few dollars. Yes I wished we were on par with your pricing on powders and such, but that is not the case. Truth be told, I'm a bit dumbfounded how the IMR powders are made here in Canada, yet we pay 30-40% more than the U.S stores pricing. I live in BC.....locals say that it stands for Bring Cash ;)


St Lawrence river valley, NY
These would have been Quebecois mostly. And they had cars full of US goods. I suppose thats the difference. Always struck me as funny because they were driving high end cars and trying to avoid a few Loonies in duty. Maybe that how they got the high end car? Last week was gassing up and saw a guy in an honest to gosh Bentley, complete with trophy wife and 2 trophy kids. Of course that gas station has a Tims...


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ANY Arizona gas station adjacent to the California border is SWAMPED with California cars heading home from the United States. This goes triple on a Sunday afternoon. Why? GAS PRICES. 65-80 cents cheaper per gallon in AZ. Sacramento is clueless, and those border-area gas stations are cash cows of the first order.


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Probably has something to do with that $0.75+ per gallon vs $0.48 per gallon tax . My daughter tells me that Diego etc is hovering around $4.50 , diesel here in the green hell is only 2.77 and 2.35-9 for 87oct gasoline . On a brighter note I have seen gas in Leevining Ca @ $6.75 so prices are down a little even in the highest and lowest place in the lower 48 . ( Death Valley and Mt Whitney (Mt Blonco actually) although the above applies to Sack a pimintoes too).